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I still remember how confusing middle school was. While many people talk most about high school being the most challenging time of their lives, I’m willing to bet most people, if pressed, would say middle school was actually more of a challenge. Kids in middle school are at an awkward time: they still have one foot firmly planted in childhood but they are also racing towards high school. While everyone talks about their bodies changing, the reality of it is their brains are changing, too, and it can be such a scary, confusing time.

I mention all of this up front because I know what you’re thinking. Most of the pictures and videos on this website look WAY too childish for middle schoolers!” You’re right! For that reason, I have created different versions of most of my assembly programs specifically for middle school students!

That means you can rest assured that if you bring my Bullying assembly program to your school, that not only are the lessons on their age level but also too is the magic and fun I present. There’s nothing worse than watching an assembly presenter present the exact same program to middle schoolers as to the primary grades. For that reason, I absolutely refuse to present one program to grades K-8 in one assembly. I feel so strongly that my policy is to offer you the second assembly on the same day back to back absolutely free – that way, you can rest assured that for the same investment, you’re guaranteeing an enriching assembly experience that both groups will enjoy and appreciate!

“They didn’t want the program to end!”

>“Mr. Johnson presented an AWESOME program to our 7th & 8th graders. Middle school principals: if you’re concerned about the kids being attentive and cooperative, they were all of that and more. Some of the students that I usually have the worst problem with, today wanted to participate. If you’re looking for someone to come into your school and give this type of dynamic presentation, Mr. Johnson is the individual you need to seek. He was awesome!”

Dr. Gina Stevenson, Principal – Charter School For Applied Technologies, Buffalo, NY

middleschoolphotoI know how to walk the line, entertaining the kids with fun and amazing magic on their developmental level while motivating and educating them in a manner that is fast-paced, energetic, interactive, and frequently hilarious!

Each of my middle school assembly programs provide key information to aid students in dealing with critical issues such as bullying, character development, drug awareness, and even their own perceptions. In addition, I’ve created several fun, curriculum-based assemblies on topics such as science and math. All of my programs use a ton of audience participation to get as many students involved as possible and I will even have several students join me on stage.

While with me onstage, your students will have a blast – whether they are participating in fun mind reading experiments with their teachers, or jumping in surprise when a trained ‘snake’ jumps out of a basket to find their selected playing card, or working with other students onstage to stay ‘suspended’ in the air with a crazy science experiment, you can rest assured knowing your students won’t just participate…they’ll be jumping out of their seats because they are so eager to help!

“It was money well spent…it was one of the finest assembly programs that our school has presented.”

“The teachers commented that the students’ attention was remarkable…it was one of the finest assembly programs that our school has presented. Not only were the students attentive, their feedback proved that they had gained knowledge and retained important information that Cris was hoping for. We thank Mr. Johnson for helping our students learn important life lessons through magic and hope to have him back again in the near future. It was money well spent!”

Regina Granchelli, Vice Principal – DeSales Catholic School, Lockport, NY

In other sections of this website are details of my elementary school assembly topics. With the exception of the “A Cat And A Hat” assembly (don’t worry, I know middle schoolers will NOT sit through a Seuss-themed assembly!), I have developed versions of each assembly topic for middle schools! Those topics include:

In addition to all of that, I also offer topics specifically for middle school students that are NOT available for elementary students. They include:

improve schoolwork power of perceptions

“Better Than Money Back” Guarantee

Here’s the deal: you have, by my precise calculation…about a zillion assembly choices you can find online. I’m not the most famous, not by a long shot, but after 20 years ion the business, I know what works and what DOESN’T work for middle schoolers. Therefforetruly believes in the quality of his programs.

Therefore I do not hesitate to guarantee them. My simple guarantee works like this: If you don’t feel my program was worth more than I promised, I’ll return your full fee PLUS donate $500 to your PTA/PTO just for wasting your time! (By the way, in 20 years, do you know how many people have taken me up on my guarantee? ZERO.)

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Middle School Testimonials-05

“It was a great program! The kids really paid attention and they really got something out of it. Cris was very accommodating…He didn’t ask for anything and he was great to worth with.”

Elizabeth Smyton, Guidance Counselor
Charter School For Applied Technologies
Buffalo, NY

Middle School Testimonials-01

“Cris was really great with the kids…He is both entertaining and informative. We have had him two years in a row and the kids really enjoy Cris’ programs. Outstanding!”

Carm Proctor, Principal
Jefferson Middle School
Jamestown, NY

Middle School Testimonials-10

“It was fantastic, and hilarious! I would highly recommend it to anybody.”

Steve Leffler, Class Advisor
Starpoint High School
Lockport, NY