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Magical_Mayhem, PTO, PTA, family night, elementary school, middle school, Cris Johnson, library shows, school assembliesA School Fundraiser (or End-of-the-Year Field Days) Show That Gets The “WOW”…And Draws BIG Crowds To Your Event!

Is your school looking for school fundraiser shows, “Field Day” shows, or a “just for fun” show? Something different from all the other shows?

Whether it’s your school’s end of the school year celebration, “Field Days,” or Family Fun Night, I’ve got the most original, hilarious, interactive, and just plain AMAZING show your school’s students have ever seen!

The best part? Having a good time is good for you!

Let’s face it – sometimes you just gotta have a good time! The more we learn about brain science and mental health, the more we understand that relaxation is a critical part of a healthy life. When you think about the fact that the brain is a muscle, and sometimes muscles need rest, this makes sense.

What is all of this talk about brain science you may ask? Simple – school is a place of learning, but if a fun bonding activity occurs at school, it can help strengthen the bond that parents and kids have when they think about your local school. There’s a scientific name for this bond: it’s called “warm fuzzes!”

To help with this restful / bonding nature of having a ‘just for fun’ activity at your school, I’ve created an incredible goofy, zany, wacky show called “Magical Mayhem!” It’s NOT the ‘same old’ magic shows you may have seen. It’s weird and kooky and is filled with magic you haven’t seen before!

Here Is A Small Sample of What Your Audience Will See & Experience:

  1. One volunteer will FLOAT IN THE AIR! Not just float…but RISE in the air! See the video on this page!
  2. A “mind reading monkey” finds a selected playing card in the most hilarious way possible!
  3. A borrowed $20 bill disappears and is found inside a ball of yarn given to a student at the begining of the show!
  4. A tribute to Harry Houdini goes horribly wrong…with hilarious results!
  5. Two volunteers help with my new magical “T-Shirt Launcher!”
  6. And MUCH more!

The show description above are just some of the things I do in the ‘Family Night’ version of the show which is available both as a regular show AND as a fundraiser…more on that in a moment.

Additionally, if your school is having a daytime end of the year ‘school carnival’ or ‘Field Days,’ I can alter the content of the show for both group size as well as grade levels. In other words, some schools want performances for each individual grade level during the course of an entire school day. No problem! Each grade level will have their own version of “Magical Mayhem!” Same thing if your school wants one show for grades K-5. No problem! In short, this show is like Silly Putty: it stretches to whatever you need!

You may be wondering, “Since this show is not educational, what OTHER kind of events is it appropriate for?” Simple – all kinds of fun things! “Magical Mayhem!” is perfect for:

– End-Of-The-Year “Field Days”
– School Carnivals
– Family Reunions

– Company Picnics
– Fairs & Festivals
– And much more!

This show is customized for the age range of your audience and can be suited for any age group from age 5 to 90 and for groups from 10 people up to 500!

Call me at (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell phone) or fill out the Contact Form above to get more “Magical Mayhem!” school assembly information emailed to you instantly!

Want An EASY Way To Raise Money For Your School Or Special Event?

That’s right, this magic program can be offered as a fundraiser! Believe me, I know how time consuming traditional fundraising methods can be. As a result, years ago I created a simple fundraising method that are fun, easy and fast!

My “Family Night Magic Show” is the perfect way to get your community involved and excited about supporting your school. Spectacular magic, music, audience interaction and onstage volunteers create memories your community will have for a lifetime! Adults and children alike will enjoy the goofy humor and amazing magic!

As always, I bring all of my own props and tables, and customized backdrop and compact state-of-the-art sound system. This is an act that can be performed in almost any location, large rooms or small, stage, auditorium, multi-purpose room (MPR) or gymnasium.

I’ve created this fundraising option to require as little effort on your part as possible. All you have to do is provide a location for the show and sell the tickets, either pre-sale, at the door or both. You also have the option of selling refreshments at the show to enhance the experience and increase your money making potential, but that’s entirely up to you.

Three Ways For This School Fundraiser Show To Work For You!

There are three ways to book my “Family Night Magic Show” for your school:

    1. Method #1: When you book one of my popular daytime educational assembly programs at the regular fees, I can provide my “Family Night Magic Show” on the evening of the same day, for 50% of the standard fee.
    2. Method #2: When you book one of my popular daytime educational school assemblies, I can waive my standard fee for the fundraiser show, and for my payment, I receive 50% of the ticket sales for the event. This means you have nothing to lose. In other words, I only get paid for the “Family Night Magic Show” when you make money on ticket sales. (Please contact me regarding conditions on minimum ticket prices, distance/location requirements, and other factors.)
    3. Method #3: The other option is to book my “Family Night Magic Show” by itself (no daytime assembly required) at my standard rate and then you keep 100% of the ticket sales and proceeds!

Want To Make Even More Money with this School Fundraiser Show?

Let’s say you want to reach more people outside of the school and make your event a true COMMUNITY event…this school fundraiser show can help you make this super-easy!

With just a small amount of effort, you could make this show even more profitable! Just ask me and I’ll will provide you with a complete, easy-to-use “Fundraiser In A Box” kit that includes: customized fliers, ticket masters, press releases, morning announcements, and a guide book filled with ideas to maximize the earning potential of this program! Simply photocopy the fliers and give to the students to take home, give the press release to your local newspaper, and keep the students excited with the morning announcements and I guarantee you’ll make a ton of money for your school!

Call me at (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell phone) or fill out the Contact Form above to get more “Magical Mayhem” school assembly information emailed to you instantly!

Want To Make Even More Money?

Let’s say you want something REALLY special…how about a “Live Theater” for the parents. PTO/PTA members, and school faculty? I have a special show and fundraiser system JUST for the adults! Like all of my shows, it’s clean and family friendly, but the difference is this is sophisticated adult entertainment. Contact me for more info!



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“Just a quick note to say how much our family enjoyed your magic show at Niagara Street School! Your show was delightful, entertaining and hilarious! Thanks again for a wonderful show!”

Becky Hedgepeth, Parent Group Member
Niagara Street School
Niagara Falls, NY

“The kids and adults had an awesome time. I heard from many people tell me how good you were. Our goal is for kids to have fun and feel loved so that they can come to know Jesus. You helped because you made church fun! Thank you again.”

Caryl Hirst
Grace Lutheran Church
Vestal, NY