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Christmas Magic Show


A Fun-Filled Family Christmas Magic Show!

I’ve noticed that for those people who choose to observe the Christmas holiday, they seem to be friendlier, quicker with a smile, and more patient. That’s hardly a major revelation, I know, but it was one of my reasons for creating “Christmas Magic,” a fun-filled holiday magic show that’s sure to warm the hearts of everyone who sees it!

This is a fun show that features magical adventures with Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, The Grinch, and for larger events, even a visit from the one and only Santa Claus! The set design of this show features a beautiful snow-covered village, the appearance of a North Pole, classic Christmas songs, and more.

Cris Johnson Elementary School Assembly Christmas (2), christmas magic show

I love performing this show so much that I’ve created multiple versions of “Christmas Magic:”

Cris Johnson Elementary School Assembly ChristmasShow Option 1: The intimate version of Christmas Magic is perfect for events where there will be 50 or fewer guests such as libraries. I bring a colorful Christmas-themed banner and perform 40-45 minutes of fun magic that’s interactive, hilarious, and suitable for kids of any age as well as fun-loving adults. During this show, one child helps me create a 50 foot colorful decoration for the Christmas Tree… but this decoration comes from the weirdest place! A drawing of The Grinch comes to life! A beautiful indoor ‘Snowstom’ will delight both young and old!

Show Option 2: This is a medium-sized version of the show perfect for school assemblies and family nights at schools. This show features everything from the previous version plus even larger magic and more fun: Santa’s Refreshments cause all manner of tasty treats to magically appear; beautiful ‘Christmas Lights’ appear from the ears of children in the audience; one child helps me open one of my Christmas gifts early… and the child volunteer FLOATS in the air! That’s a small sample of what your audience can expect from this wonderous show. If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed show for your elementary school, I’ve even created grade-specific versions of “Christmas Magic” so each group will enjoy the show even more!

Show Option 3: Is Santa coming to your event? If so, THIS show will enhance his arrival in a way no one will believe! This big, SUPER DELUXE version of “Christmas Magic” is perfect for corporate family parties and mall events where Santa comes to visit the kids. In addition to the beautiful set design and interactive Christmas-themed magic from the previous options, also features the incredible “Santa-Via-Satellite” option where through the use of a large projection screen, Santa appears onscreen to talk to the kids – first from his workshop and then from his sleigh as he flies closer and closer to your event! As he makes his way to your venue, a snowstorm onscreen causes him to lose his way… until all the kids (and a little bit of magic!) cause him to magically appear in person right onstage at your event, making his magical arrival from a giant empty giftbox! This multi-media event is sure to be the holiday program your guests remember for years!

Christmas 3

Regardless of which version that you choose, you can rest assured that because there is NO religious content in the show, this program is inclusive for all guests and backgrounds. I take special care to ensure that while there is NO off-color humor or language, any and all adults will enjoy the show just as much as the kids.

Because the holiday season books up so quickly, be sure to call (716) 940-8963 right away or fill out the Contact Form above to get “Christmas Magic” information emailed to you instantly. I look forward to helping YOUR guests celebrate the wonder of the holiday season with “Christmas Magic!”

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Dear School Counselor, Cris Johnson, School Assembly




“What a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! To hear kids say ‘How did you do that?’ and hear the adults gasp in surprise was the best part for me! The parents also really enjoyed the red Christmas lights appearing from the strangest of places.”

Sue McConnell, Children’s Librarian
Southeast Steuben County Library
Corning, NY


“I had great comments from our patrons about how wonderful he was with the children. He interacted very well with the audience, was very easy to work with, also he was well-prepared! I would like to have him back in the summer. Cris Johnson Rocks!”

Judy Whittaker
Ellington Farman Library
Ellington, NY

“Cris Johnson’s Christmas Magic is a wonderful gift to give your patrons.  From the smallest children to the oldest adult, Cris will have every audience member giggling, ooh-ing and ah-ing throughout the performance.  He has educational elements deftly intertwined into his tricks that often involve storytelling techniques and lots of anticipation.  Plus he has everything choreographed to popular music which really lends a polished feel to the show.  He even delivers a positive message about reading books!  For the money, Cris delivers a lot of bang for your buck and that is why I cannot recommend him enough to other libraries looking for a high quality holiday program!”

Stacey Wicksall
Director Macedon Public Library
Macedon, NY


“Cris’s ‘Christmas Magic Show’ is a great holiday themed show with plenty of interactive magic for every age! Van Etten Library patrons both young and grown truly enjoyed the show!!”

Michelle Erickson
Van Etten Library
Van Etten, NY


“Cris was very professional and prepared. He was entertaining to our audience of all ages – even the adults had a good time! We are looking forward to booking him again.”

Kim Nobles, Manager
North Collins Library
North Collins, NY


“Thanks so much for the fabulous assembly, Cris! The students and teachers all had a great time and are still trying to figure out your magic! The assembly was awesome, and it kept everyone engaged. Everyone loved everything you did, especially the ‘Floating a Student in the Air!’”

Michelle Clark, PTO
Paxtonia Elementary School
Harrisburg, PA


“Cris was so enthusiastic about his magic – the children loved his performance and responded loudly when he asked for participation. They loved the collection of lights that were found in the air and around the room, in the ears, faces and so forth of the children. Cris is a joy to work with and I would recommend him to other libraries. Thank you for a wonderful show!”

Cathy Fuller
Bolivar Free Library
Bolivar, NY


“Everyone enjoyed your performance tremendously.  I looked at the audience during your magic tricks and noticed that all the children had your undivided attention. Even the adults were spellbound!  You are a great performer to work with, your materials (backdrops, props, etc.) were first-rate (not “this guy has used these props too many times and they look like they have a lot of mileage on them. . .”), and you kept everyone’s attention.   We are looking forward to your SRP in July.”

Ann Parker
King Memorial Library
Machias, NY

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas Magic Show that you presented to our library community. Local children enjoyed participating and had a blast with magic. Parents also enjoyed seeing the delight that the children had with lightbulbs appearing behind ears and necks, and the indoor snowstorm, among your magical feats. There were many compliments on how well you worked with the children. We hope to have you again next year and look forward to new magic that you will share with us.

Sherrie Vitulli, Library Director
Knoxville Public Library
Knoxville, PA