Virtual Science Assembly

A Virtual Science Assembly That Will Educate, and Amaze Your Students!

Finding a high-quality virtual science assembly that captivates AND educates students is no easy task.

Making the problem even more challenging is the idea of presenting such a school assembly program…virtually.

Here’s where it gets really bad: in response to COVID-19, many school assembly presenters hastily tried to take their existing assemblies and convert them to a virtual format, with a flashy demo video to present their patched together program in a positive light.

In many cases, the results have been embarrassing.

Kids spend enough time on their screens and there is so much free content online that a virtual school assembly program has to be able to surpass all of that free stuff…and be interactive.

What if there were school assemblies on science that used the virtual setting to their advantage?

I’m Cris Johnson, and for years I’ve presented my funny and educational “Wacky Science” school assemblies on science to hundreds of schools so I’m no stranger to presenting interactive fun science shows in elementary schools.

With COVID-19 changing the game when it comes to school assemblies on science, I decided I was NOT going to merely change “Wacky Science” to a virtual program.

Instead, I spent months developing a brand-new science show that turns the virtual format into a HUGE advantage!

Introducing: “The Virtual Superhero Science Show!”

This STEM science assembly is superior version of a virtual assembly in that it utilizes the format to do things that could NEVER be done during an in-person school assembly program!

“The students at our second-fifth grade school enjoyed the Superhero Science show immensely!  Chris did a great job of engaging the students and helping them to be part of the show with hands-on at home activities that required minimal materials or could even be done with just their hands.  It was a fun show for students and teachers!”

Katherine Kelly, Principal
Lions Park School
Mount Prospect, IL

3 Ways This Virtual Science Assembly Engages Your Students…

“The Virtual Superhero Science Show” will captivate, educate, and entertain your students in THREE different ways:

1. There will be exercises & experiments that EVERY student watching can actually do…live, during the show!

These science experiments are simple, yet amazing, and the only “prop” needed is one piece of paper!

2. This virtual assembly features amazing, interactive, and fun experiments that can be easily be replicated in the classroom or at home!

I purposely selected fun experiments that parents and kids (or teachers and students) can easily reproduce with simple items.

During the live show, I’ll walk everyone through the experiments as the assembly unfolds, giving both teachers and students all the information they need to do the same stunts.

In addition, I’ll provide your school with a list of materials to make doing the experiments after the assembly SUPER easy!

I carefully selected these experiments because they use materials which are inexpensive, easy to obtain, and don’t require visits to expensive websites or costly chemical supply houses!

3. Incredibly fun OUTDOOR sensational experiments!

Most of these experiments are too messy and involved for a live in-person assembly so I went to the trouble of having these segments pre-produced ahead of time and will run during specific times during the virtual assembly.

The experiments I selected for the pre-recorded, outdoors portions of the show are messy yet fun, educational yet safe.

Students can easily replicate these experiments at home with adult supervision…extending the value of this program far beyond just the in-school running time!

A STEM Science Assembly Program + Superhero Powers!

The entire virtual science assembly is wrapped around the idea of using science to help students recreate or in some fashion simulate superhero powers!

Superhero popularity is at an all-time high with the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other such movies. It’s a great way to get students interested in science!

Check out just a few of the superhero-themed experiments during “The Virtual Superhero Science Show:”

  • Launch objects into the sky!
  • Cause one of your hands to pass right through the other!
  • Demonstrate X-ray vision!
  • Grow an extra finger!
  • Shrink your friends and family down to action-figure size and hold them in your hand!

All of these experiments use sound, safe scientific principles to simulate these feats and include:

  • Forced perspective
  • Chemical reactions
  • Optical illusions
  • Polymers
  • Concepts of gravity
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Potential/Kinetic energy
  • The Scientific Method
  • Different forms of science
  • Visual perceptions
  • Science safety

Each of the principles are explained in ways kids can understand…all with a fast, upbeat pace to keep the attention level of your students high!

This Virtual STEM School Assembly Uses Actual Scientific Concepts!

STEM school assemblies heavy on the science!

One thing I promised myself is that I would never do a magic show with science concepts attached to it. Why?

Magic seems to violate scientific principles, so doing a magic trick where someone floats in the air and then trying to explain the concept of gravity would only confuse students and negate the entire point of the assembly, which is getting kids excited about science!

While a lot of my school assemblies do feature magic, this is not one of them.

This virtual school assembly program was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was first and foremost designed to take advantage of the virtual format.

That means this show does things impossible in a live in-person school assembly.

The result? You’re getting an assembly program that can not only inspire, educate, and entertain your students, but demonstrate to them that with every problem is a potential solution.

“The Virtual Superhero Science Show” is a STEM school assembly that can be a highlight of your school year and a program that your students and faculty will love, especially during these challenging times!

Call me at (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell phone) or fill out the Contact Form above to get more “The Virtual Superhero Science Show” school assembly information, fees, and multi-school discounts emailed to you instantly!



link to message for elementary school principals

Dear School Counselor, Cris Johnson, School Assembly

message to elementary school PTA/PTO message for media specialists


Cris Johnson, virtual science assembly, virtual school assembly, virtual school assembly show, science assembly show

Thank you very much for the great show!  My 6th graders were glued to the “screen”.

Julie Strohecker, 6th Grade Teacher
Mahantongo Valley Elementary
Mahantongo, PA

Wow, thank you for a great show! The children were GLOWING with excitement, even over Zoom. I was so impressed with the way you were able to work in specific math and science topics while keeping the large audience engaged. Your patience with our technical troubles was also so appreciated. You have been so helpful during every part of the planning process, and the show did not disappoint. I would recommend this program to all of my teacher colleagues!

Shannan Fratto, Teacher
Ashburton Elementary
Bethesda, MD

Testimonials Fantastic-02

“The way that Cris relates to kids is simply unbelievable! I’ve never seen anyone do a better job during an assembly. He was FANTASTIC!”

Mrs. Morgan, Teacher
Stetson Elementary
Colorado Springs, Colorado


“The students, without a doubt, were mesmerized by his talents! We highly recommend this fascinating program to all schools.”

Deborah Guest, School Counselor
Taylor Elementary
Norfolk, Virginia

Hello Mr. Johnson,

I am writing to thank you for the virtual assembly that you presented to our Kindergarten Center, Oceanside School #6.

My daughter came home that day bursting with science experiments that we had to try immediately at home. She was able to articulate the materials and the procedure for at least 4 different experiments that she saw in your show.  For a 5 year old to be able to not only remember what happened at school, but to remember the name of the show, experiments she saw, the procedures AND the materials that go along with it, goes to show what an impact you made on these little minds. 

Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful, informative, entertaining, and age appropriate show for our children.”

Pamela Soto, Corresponding Secretary
School #6 PTA
Oceanside, NY

“Thank you so much! Our kids really enjoyed it and it was a nice break from the monotony of their day to day, due to restrictions from the virus. My son has shown me at least 3 experiments that he learned since Friday!”

Andrea Ammerman, PTA Parent
Slate Run Elementary
New Albany, IN


“Mr. Johnson visited our K-6 school at Samson Elementary and did three programs for our school. All comments from teachers and students were great! We are already planning to have him back at the beginning of the next school year. His presentations are tasteful and age-appropriate. I would recommend him to any school!”

Donna Kirkpatrick, Principal
Samson Elementary
Samson, Alabama

Cris Johnson, Wacky Science Show, School Assembly

“We loved your Wacky Science Show! You educate and entertain the audience with humor and enthusiasm. Your whimsy cracks me up, and you have such a great rapport with the audience. I will probably contact you for another show before the year is up.”

Thanks for an excellent show!

Susan SlaterChildren’s Librarian
Warren Public Library
Warren, PA

“Thank you again for providing a wonderful science program for our school. Students and teachers alike enjoyed the science information along with the audience engaging activities. You have inspired our students to make science fun, always to ask questions and take time to figure out the answer! We look forward to you visiting our school in the future!”

Jeremiah J. Bull, Principal
Tracy Elementary School
Erie, PA

“Cris Johnson did a good job of engaging the audience. All of the students were really excited about the various scientific experiments. He included a lot of detailed scientific information, but presented the information in such a manner that it was understandable for all students. He also did a good job of managing the crowd and bringing the kids back when they started to get over excited to ensure they were still paying attention.”

Chelsea Nohle, Administrative Assistant
Sackets Harbor Central School
Sackets Harbor, NY

Warren Public Library
Warren, PA

A super huge thank you for delivering an amazing assembly to the 3rd and 4th grade students at Wayne Elementary School. Your assembly was the perfect kick start to motivating our students to participate in their upcoming science fair. Your “Wacky Science” performance was exactly what I was hoping for! In looking around the auditorium during your performance, all eyes were on you, kids were excited, and each and every one of them were engaged. Your assembly was educational, animated, and so much fun! We will be looking to have you back next year!

Diane DiGravio, Science Teacher/Parent/PTO Volunteer
Ontario Elementary School
Ontario, NY

“The show was awesome! The kids were engaged and learned so much science related content. The 4th grade teachers were so excited to see all of the science vocabulary that was used.”

Tiffany Carpenter, Media Specialist
Palermo Elementary School
Fulton, NY


“We loved your school assemblies on science! It was such a pleasure to have you and the kids loved it. I’ve only heard wonderful reviews from teachers. many many thanks.”

Rebecca Fletcher
TEAM Academy Charter School
Newark, NJ

“Every student and even every teacher were engaged in The Wacky Science Show! It was a perfect combination of humorous grabbing entertainment and knowledgable interesting science experiments. All of the experiments were appropriate and simple for the students to watch and understand. Our school has a large ENL (English as a New Language) population, and the scientific language that was used was supported by visuals or examples with an experiment. Students got to participate in their seats as well as on stage, making everyone feel like an included scientist. Cris was also very entertaining and patient. This will be a great assembly to have at our school again!”

Rachel Melnick, Teacher
Flushing, NY

“We loved his presentation!! It was high energy and extremely engaging! The fast-pace kept all the students on their toes! The music added excitement that drew their attention in even further! I love how many student volunteers he chose because that made the students want to participate!!! I especially love how he asked the students to return to their classrooms quietly so that he would be invited back again! 😊 I cannot wait to look into his other show topics so that we can book again!”

Cara O’Hop, 4th grade teacher
Pittston Area Intermediate Center
Pittston, PA

“I was excited to see how highly engaged my students were throughout the “Wacky Science” show by Cris Johnson. His assembly was both educational and fun for our kids! I liked how much he involved the kids. We look forward to Cris returning to Niagara Street next year.”

Rocco Merino, Principal
Niagara Street Elementary School
Niagara Falls City School District

“Cris just finished his show. I want to tell you how absolutely incredible he was! He kept every single student and staff member engaged for the entire 45 minute period. His presentation was perfect for our students. They were amazed, shocked, eager, and all left interested in learning more about science. Thank you so much for gifting us this show! Thank you thank you thank you! I would not hesitate to have Cris back for any other shows he offers.”

Rachel Adelstein, Principal

Fort Montgomery Elementary School
Fort Montgomery, NY