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Character Education Assembly

Yes I Can, character education assembly

The Ultimate Character Education
School Assembly Program

This character education assembly program is designed to help students realize their own potential as well as respect the rights and feelings of others. “Yes I Can” encourages children to realize that it’s who we are on the INSIDE that counts, not the outside. This character education assembly also motivates children to try their very best, no matter the obstacles they may encounter. Best of all, Cris will also share a SECRET with your school’s students that, if followed, will INSTANTLY raise their test scores! Teachers LOVE hearing this, too!

character education assembly

Your Students Will Understand Diversity, Perseverance, Respect, And Much More!

Cris has designed this fun-filled school assembly program to help explain to students why it’s who we are on the INSIDE that matters, not the outside. Your students will be encouraged never to give up if they face hardships in life, because, let’s face it, problems do arise. Mistakes are made, speed bumps in the road of life are encountered. However, how we as people respond to challenges in life defines who we are.

A healthy self-esteem significantly impacts the social development of children including their decisions pertaining to issues of bullying and drug abuse. Cris uses his unique magic and humor to lay an excellent foundation for your school’s character education campaign.

Character 1

Character 2

The Character Education Assembly Program “Yes I Can”:

Key Learning Points:

  1. The Six Pillars of Character (Respect, Fairness, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship, Trustworthiness) are discussed
  2. It’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and keep trying!
  3. How to be a S.T.A.R. with the power of RESPECT!
  4. Diversity – how we are all different and why it’s a GOOD thing!
  5. A simple way to raise your test scores…instantly! (teachers LOVE this!)
  6. Your students will learn why it’s not good to judge someone by their looks.

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“…having fun with magic can also be educational with an important message. The message is still being talked about in the classroom!”

Cherish Mignoli, Teacher
Northern Chautauqua Catholic School
Dunkirk, NY


“The program was very motivating! Cris catches the students’ attention and uses excellent group control. They loved it!”

Kathy Carlson, Principal
Sinclairville Elementary
Sinclairville, New York


“Cris was very motivational and entertaining. He was able to get the important messages out to the students. They loved it!”

Roberta Traks, Principal
Cassadaga Elementary School
Sinclairville, New York


“The ‘Yes I Can’ Program was awesome! Children loved the magic and being part of the audience. Cris’ program reiterated the message we strive to teach all of our students. His message went VERY well with the Catholic Schools week theme: Character, Compassion, Values. Cris’ message is clearly stated and his presentation to get the message to the children was excellent!

Cynthia Jacobs, Principal
St. John the Baptist School
Kenmore, New York


“Outstanding! The message was great! The kids were really attentive! He really related our ‘kindness’ theme to his show. Excellent!”

Nicole Goyette, Teacher
Oak Orchard Elementary
Medina, New York


“Cris really got our students excited and interested. His presentation was wonderful! I like how he presented magic with a message! Outstanding!”

Donna Gawlik, Teacher
St.Vincent DePaul School
Springbrook, NY

“Our school was fortunate enough to have Cris Johnson inform and entertain our whole school last week.  We had never had an assembly pertaining to this subject.  But I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in this presentation. He presented two shows; one to the primary and one to the intermediate grades.  In doing this, he could adjust the show to the age levels.  He captivated all of the children’s attention throughout the entire show and truly knew how to control his audience throughout his magic acts. His greatest compliment came from a child in my room who commented as we were leaving the gym by saying, “I loved that guy!”

The students are still using his advice…  Any school would be lucky to have Cris come and present his assembly!”

Bonnie Montana, Second Grade Teacher
E.R. Hughes School
New Hartford, New York


“Mr. Johnson was able to perfectly connect important self-esteem lessons with wonderful magic. Students and staff were spell-bound, focused, and energized while learning lessons. Cris was able to keep the audience engaged and excited throughout the 45-50 minute [Character Education Assembly] program. He was upbeat, enthusiastic and did  a wonderful job complimenting our ‘No Put-Downs, Do Build-Ups’ program and school theme ‘Character Counts’!”

Dr. Shirlee Paveljack, Principal
Forest Elementary
Williamsville, New York