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Improve Your School Work

I have two interactive middle school assembly programs to help your students improve their school work. Details are below:

PROGRAM 1: “Mental Keys For Exam Success” Program

Stress in students can lead to poor academic achievement, apathy, depression, behavioral problems etc, and at a time when schools are increasingly under pressure and both students and teachers face higher levels of stress. It is perhaps appropriate for the schools to consider alternative approaches to address these issues.

It is estimated that one in ten children and young people aged 5-16 suffer from a mental health difficulty –this is around three children in every school class. Giving children the right help early on can set them up for life, teaching them resilience and perhaps even valuable life skills.

Teenagers and students are under increasing study and exam pressure.

It is common for pupils to latch on to their weaknesses rather than their talents and strengths and young people can easily be discouraged by negative criticism

Whether the student is at school, college or perhaps studying a new skill for their profession it can be a stressful time. Many face concerns over the fear of failure, or not being able to remember what they have learned and to apply it on the day of their exams.

For some it isn’t just the anxiety or ‘nerves’ at the time of the exam but very often it is weeks or months ahead. They feel that while they are quite confident in the subject they are being tested at any other time, their “nerves” will cause them to ‘let themselves down on the day.

However, these students can learn to overcome their anxiety, grow in confidence, and feel comfortable in exam conditions. This isn’t magic, or trickery, but simple, concentrated, techniques which allow an individual to take control of their emotional state, and remain focused and confident while being challenged.

My aim is to give the students simple coping strategies that they can utilize to reduce their anxiety levels and perform at their very best.

All this can lead to much better academic performance and far greater confidence in the minds of the students.

“We have had him two years in a row…”

“Cris is really great with the kids…He is both entertaining and informative. We have had him two years in a row and the kids really enjoy Cris’ programs. Outstanding!”

Carm Proctor, Principal – Jefferson Middle School, Jamestown, NY

“…he was great to work with!”

“It was a great program! The kids really paid attention and they really got something out of it. Cris was very accommodating and very accommodating. He didn’t ask for anything and he was great to worth with.”

Elizabeth Smyton, Guidance Counselor – Charter School For Applied Technologies, Buffalo, NY

“…well-presented, dynamic, and very entertaining.”

“Cris was able to keep the audience captivated for 45 minutes. The program was well presented, dynamic, and very entertaining. His upbeat show along with his sense of humor and timing provide an excellent program for students. I would recommend this program for schools without hesitation.”

NancyJean Osborn, Principal – Byron-Bergen Central School


“The program was very productive for them. He was very easy, very simple to deal with. He had everything as a complete package and we had to do very little. I would really recommend him to other schools and we want him back too!”

Principal Shelby – Haverstraw Middle School, Haverstraw, NY

PROGRAM 2: “Develop Your Power Memory”

Trying to remember the vast amounts of information that students encounter in school can be very difficult and time consuming. Developing easier and faster methods of remembering information would drastically cut down the amount of work students would have to do because over 90% of all school work is based on memory.

“Develop Your Power Memory” approaches the issue of memory by using our very genetics as a gateway to remembering facts much faster. Why? When we are born, we have NO concept of language, NO understanding of grammar, NO idea of calculation. What we DO have, however, is a bio-computer (our brain) that can instantly generate imagery at a moment’s notice.

In short, because we come into this world “hard-wired” to use our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) to experience and thus learn about the world, it only makes sense to use these natural instincts to make remembering facts, language, anything easier and faster than ever before!

This program teaches several different memory systems based on rhymes, mnemonics, patterns and much more. These techniques are presented in a fun, light-hearted, fast-moving program that will have your students demonstrating their comprehension of these techniques on stage, before the program is even over.

Your students will have a lot of fun while learning and, if applied, will have several powerful tools to make their schoolwork and indeed their whole lives easier. Support material for both teachers and students is provided.

Perfect for breakout sessions, leadership conferences or assembly programs, and more!

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