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Halloween Magic Show

A Fun-Filled Safety
Halloween Magic Show!

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

I love Halloween! It’s been my favorite time of the year for as long as I can remember. I love it so much because of all of the fun, goofy imagery and if you really want to dig a little deeper, it’s the one time of year we are encouraged to ‘be someone/something else.’ It stimulates the imagination, and brings us together as a people in the form of parties, games, and even Trick Or Treating.

With all of that fun, there is always a potential for bad things to happen. That’s where “Spooky Magic” comes in: in this fast-paced, goofy Halloween extravaganza, I deliver some important safety tips designed to get kids (and just as important, the parents and teachers watching) thinking about staying safe during all of the Halloween mayhem.

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

Some of the safety tips include:

– The importance of reflective material on costumes
– Letting parents inspect all candy before eating
– Staying away from unfamiliar houses and neighborhoods
– Putting away mobile devices and electronics while walking
– Sticking in groups when traveling
– And more!

Now don’t get me wrong: this is not a preachy kind of show at all. Most of my school assembly programs are crammed full of life lessons and curriculum-based concepts, but in “Spooky Magic,” I deliver these lessons with a lighter touch. Simply put, this time of year the kids might have so much sugar coursing their veins that a heavy-handed approach would be rejected, so in this show, the lessons are lighter and less intense.

From the kids’ perspective, they love the colorful Halloween-themed set design with my large Jack O’ Lantern-style backdrop and banners and the haunted house motif. There’s custom-designed magic props specifically built for this show – it’s the only time of year many of these magic effects see the light of day or night!

Because I offer programs to both schools and libraries, rest assured that if your event is a family-oriented library show, the props and decorations I bring are designed to fit in a library. If your event is being held in a school for several hundred people, I bring out the big stuff both in terms of set design and PA system as well as bigger props and fun!

Additionally, because Halloween can be so sacred to kids, I ensure that the show is customized for your group based on both the size of the audience as well as the age range. This means that for younger kids, the emphasis is on silly, non-frightening fun, but if your kids are older, I have fun ‘danger-style’ magic that will appeal to older kids! While each show is different and unique, here are some highlights:

  1. A spooky ghost flies around the room, causing the entire audience to squeal with delight!
  2. A trained “snake” jumps out of a basket to find a selected object! (NOT a real snake!!)
  3. A fun Halloween Costume Contest where a volunteer predicts the winner!
  4. A fun Spooky Race where children compete against adults to win free magic tricks!
  5. A drawing of Frankenstein’s Monster comes to life!!
  6. A mysterious table FLOATS in the air!!
  7. And MUCH more!

The month of October fills up every year and I have to turn away several clients and events each season. If I could “clone” myself I could be at several places at once and I’d never have to say ‘no’ to anyone ever again but until cloning becomes a reality, I DO have to warn you to book as early as you can for the Halloween season! Call (716) 940-8963 TODAY (that’s my cell phone number) or fill out the Contact Form above to have “Spooky Magic” information sent to you immediately!

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© Photo by Sarah Mcllhatten

©Photo by Sarah Mcllhatten

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician



Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

Dear School Counselor, Cris Johnson, School Assembly

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

Elementary School Assembly great show

“I was very happy––Everyone enjoyed it because it was a great show.”

Jean Slocombe, Librarian
Winton Branch Library
Rochester, NY

Halloween Magic Show, magic show, spooky magic, Cris Johnson, magician

“I had a lot of parents come to tell me how much they and their children enjoyed the show. I’ll be sure to recommend you to the other libraries in our area. We’ll definitely have you back!”

Amy Holland, Children’s Librarian
Irondequoit Public Library
Rochester, NY

Elementary School Assembly great with kids

“This program was fantastic! Crew drew a HUGE crowd and kept their attention the entire time. Great with kids, and his family-friendly program did not disappoint!”

Dan Lewandowski, Library Director
Dudley Branch Library
Buffalo, NY

Elementary School Assembly fantastic

“Great comments from the audience after the show: ‘It was a great show––he’s fantastic!’, ‘We’ve seen him before and he’s great as usual––he’s consistent!’, ‘Thanks for another wonder show!'”

Jean Steinbrenner, Librarian
Pittsford Public Library
Pittsford, NY

Elementary School Assembly fantastic show

“Fantastic show! Our patrons and staff alike were overjoyed to have Cris come to our library! His ‘Spooky Magic’ is highly entertaining, funny, and professional. Highly recommended!”

Jay Barone, Librarian
Lackawanna Public Library
Lackawanna, NY

Elementary School Assembly awesome

“Thank you so much! It was AWESOME!”

Phila Ibaugh
Ransomeville Free Library
Ransomville, NY

Elementary School Assembly-23

“We had Cris Johnson to his Spooky Magic Show. From the moment we contacted him and all throughout the journey he handled every aspect of the event in a professional and friendly way. The children and adults were totally engaged in the show. It was successful in every aspect. We are looking forward to having him for our summer reading program next year!”

Mary Frank, Librarian
Peck Memorial Library
Marathon, NY

Elementary School Assembly-24

“Thank you so much, Cris!  Everyone had a great time and you delivered a wonderful performance!  I was outside directing traffic, but I popped in to catch a few minutes and everyone I spoke to really enjoyed your show (I left a Google review for you).  Thank you again!  I will be recommending you at the next Youth services meeting with other libraries and we will be in touch for future programs.”

Kristi Dougherty, Librarian
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library System
Amherst Public Libraries

Cris Johnson is a true professional and a performer that I can always count on putting on a terrific show. Cris has been to our library on many occasions and presented to audiences of all age groups. His Spooky Magic and Tales from the Beyond shows are simply amazing – perfect for our tweens and teens. As a matter of fact, they are still talking about Cris’s last show at the library and keep asking me when he will be back. Soon I say – very soon. Money well spent!!

RoseAnn Haseley, Children’s Librarian
Lockport Public Library
Lockport, NY