Amazing School Assembly Programs and Library Shows Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Bring Cris Johnson’s Assembly Programs To Your Middle School

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Bring Cris Johnson’s Assembly Programs To Your Middle School

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Bring
Cris Johnson’s Assembly Programs To Your Middle School


  • Fully Insured
    While Cris uses NOTHING dangerous or inappropriate in his programs, he is fully insured for your peace of mind!
  • Easy To Work With
    Some school assembly performers ask a LOT from busy school administrators. You know the ones–they want special lighting, a dressing room, and their own bowl of green M&M’s. Not Cris! He can present his assembly programs anywhere – gymnasium, cafeteria, multi-use room or even classrooms. Even though Cris brings BIG magic for BIG fun, you’ll be amazed at how quickly he can set up, meaning minimal disruptions in your school’s schedule.
  • Targeted To Your Middle School Students
    Cris has built these programs specifically for middle schoolers on their developmental level. These are not merely elementary school assemblies with a different title but instead are comprised of specific props, humor, and concepts designed to captivate your middle schoolers!
  • Smiles & Laughter
    Cris believes the best way to teach and motivate is through entertainment and laughter. Everything ties into Cris’ messages. You’ll be amazed as you watch Cris hold the attention of several hundred students through the use of magic, music, humor, audience participation and much more!
  • All-Inclusive Fees with NO Hidden “extras”
    Cris factors the distance he has to travel into his investment quotes. All travel expenses will be included, no matter how far Cris travels to get to your school.
  • Additional Support Material
    Whenever you book one of Cris’ programs you will receive a master copy of classroom discussion/project ideas to use after the presentation. These materials will help “extend the life” of his assembly programs long after he’s gone!
  • 100% Audience Control
    For performance artists, middle school assembly programs are not for the faint of heart! Not everyone can hold the attention of 600 students for 45 minutes, and in fact many assembly presenters avoid middle school assemblies! After 15 years and thousands of performances, Cris is an expert. In fact, he’s even written a book for other presenters on how to present assembly programs effectively!
  • Audience Participation
    Your students are actively involved during the assembly program. Some segments involve the entire audience participating from their seats. Other segments involve on-stage helpers from the audience. No one is made fun of and everyone who helps will feel great about helping Cris during his program. Adults always remark about how well Cris Johnson works with children!
  • Tons Of Testimonials Prove His Effectiveness
    Just look around our website and you will see a tiny sample of the feedback Cris’ programs have received over the years. It’s one thing for a presenter to toot his own horn, but it’s impossible to argue with honest feedback from school administrators and program coordinators!
  • “Better Than Money Back” Guarantee
    Cris truly believes in the quality of his programs. Therefore he does not hesitate to guarantee them. His simple guarantee works like this: If you don’t feel Cris’ program was worth more than he said it was, he’ll return your full fee PLUS donate $500 to your PTA/PTO just for wasting your time!

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