S.O.S.: Save Our Students

These days, it literally seems as though there is an app for just about everything. Thanks to Myisha Lavonne, who spent the majority of her freshman year of high school eating lunch in a bathroom stall, students can now anonymously report bullying incidents to their schools’ administrators.

SOS Save Our Students

The app, just launched this past Wednesday, was developed in the hopes of preventing bullying. It’s completely free and allows a principal or other student leader to create a username and share it with the student body. Students can anonymously report bullying – whether they are the targets or they are observing.

It’s available on Apple and Google Play, and it can be used by elementary, middle and high schools and colleges. According to Lavonne,

“Nowadays, the bullying is so bad, a lot of kids are committing suicide. They feel like there’s no one to talk to,” Lavonne said. “It’s a lot worse than when I was a kid.”

There is not one single factor that puts a child at risk of being bullied or bullying others. Bullying can happen anywhere—cities, suburbs, or rural areas. It’s beyond important that we remain vigilant and take every possible measure to create a safe learning environment for today’s children.

For more information about Save Our Students, click here.