The Importance of Feeling Important

For the sake of a child’s healthy development, it’s important that he or she feels important and worthy! Good self-esteem is a child’s defense against the challenges that he or she will inevitably face. Kids that feel good about themselves have an easier time handling conflicts and are more likely to resist negative pressures. They tend to smile easier and enjoy life. It has also been shown that children that feel a sense of importance are more well-rounded, respectful and are capable of developing healthy relationships with their peers. They also are more likely to excel in academics, extracurricular activities and hobbies.

In contrast, children that do not feel significant, wanted or cherishes are not capable of dealing with conflict and challenges as easily. They might have a harder time solving problems, resulting in frustration and anxiety. So…how can we prevent these negative feelings from forming and ensure that our children grow up to be happy and healthy?

Remember: you are the biggest influence when it comes to your child’s feelings of worth.

It’s important to praise children for a job well done or for effort exerted. Make sure to also help them learn from their mistakes and failures, reminding them that you, too, make mistakes. After experiencing a real or perceived failure, let your child know that he or she is still valued and loved despite the undesired outcome that they are upset about.

When you nurture your OWN sense of self worth and self-esteem, your child will follow suit. Lead by example!

These positive, self-affirming activities will allow your child to develop a strong sense of value and worth. These feelings will surely carry over into their adult years and contribute positively to all areas of their interpersonal development.

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