Does your Child Dislike Reading?


Would your child rather do anything but sit down and read? It’s difficult to know how to react and what position to take when you’re struggling to get your child to read. Consider the following tips to move your reluctant reader towards a future of book reading!

  1. Hone in on your child’s interests. It can be hard to get children to read about topics that they aren’t interested in. If your child likes cars, for example, try to find magazines or books that discuss this topic. Before you know it, he or she might not be able to put down that reading material!
  2. Start small. It can often be an exercise in futility trying to get your child to go from reading nothing to reading long books. If your child is interested in horses, start with a short story, for instance, about a related topic.
  3. Practice reading together. When reading is turned into a collective activity, children typically respond better. For instance, take turns reading pages, and then share your opinions about what you read after completing a chapter.
  4. Create a safe reading environment. It’s common for children to feel as thought they don’t want to read because they don’t like making mistakes and being corrected. Make sure that when you read with your child, you are taking an encouraging approach.
  5. Motivate with a visible record of achievement. When a child can see their progress on a chart or graph, a sense of accomplishment usually follows.

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