Need Help with Your Birthday Party?

It’s the most wonderful time of year.

No, not Christmas . . . your child’s birthday!

Birthdays are always special, no matter what number you turn. For a child, their birthday is a day of joy and celebration (And presents!). But hosting a birthday party is no small feat. Even the smallest party requires preparation.

Birthday Party Planning

At first glance, a party is an easy thing, but when you think about all the steps involved in planning a birthday party, it can suddenly look like an overwhelming task. Keep these simple tips in mind and planning your child’s birthday party will be a breeze!

Select A Date

The date can make or break your party’s attendance. Choosing a weekday––especially during the school year––can result in a low turnout. Select a weekend date when family and friends are most likely to be available. If your son or daughter’s birthday falls on a weekend, great! If not, select the weekend before or after.

As for time and duration, choose a time when your party guests will be at their best. For younger children and toddlers, after nap time or around lunch. As your children get older, the time becomes less relevant, so consult with your child and plan for an afternoon of fun!

Pick A Venue

Always keep your budget in mind when planning a birthday party. There’s nothing wrong with hosting it at-home or in your backyard. Simply close doors to rooms where you don’t want guests to wander, or use decorations such as balloon and streamers to identify the “party room.” Local parks are great outdoor spaces that offer more room for your guests to spread out (Remember to make a rain plan just in case!). If you’re worried the weather might rain on your parade, check with off-site locations such as community centers, small banquet halls, YMCAs, and church basements. The price may be higher but you won’t have to worry about the weather.

Draw Up Your Guest List

Keep your venue in mind when making a guest list. Your child’s best friend is an obvious yes, but inviting the entire class of thirty children to a party in your living room may lead to more problems than anything else. With that said, Martha Stewart (the Queen of party planning) recommends you think “all” to avoid any hurt feelings. For your daughter, “all the girls”. For your son, “all the boys”. If you don’t have space for “all”, then think in numbers. For a 6th birthday, invite 7. For a 7th birthday, invite 8.

Just like with weddings, give your guests plenty of time to RSVP. Mail out invitations three weeks before the party. Be sure to mention not only the time, date, and location, but if lunch or dinner will be provided and anything your guests should bring, such as a swimsuit.

Plan Your Food, Decorations, and Favors

When you think birthday, does your mind go straight to cake? Most people’s will. If you plan to feed your guests lunch or dinner, go with a buffet. It’s a great, easy way to feed numerous guests and ensures everyone gets what they want. Always ask if any of your guests have food restrictions/allergies before planning out your food options.

Choose Your Entertainment

Lastly, and maybe the most important part, is entertainment. You have fifteen kids in your living room. Now what?

My “Birthday Party Extravaganza” Magic Shows are guaranteed to wow your guests, no matter their age! Younger kids will experience goofy, silly magic tricks to make them giggle. Older kids will experience jaw-dropping magical feats.

Here are a few highlights of my shows:

  • Different party package options
  • Free goodies
  • I can FLOAT your child in the air!
  • Fully insured, reliable
  • Hysterical join-in fun
  • Hilarious magic to captivate your guests
  • Balloon animals, magic books, and more!
  • Free birthday party planning guide!

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