Amazing School Assembly Programs and Library Shows Bring Cris Johnson’s Amazing Programs to Your Child’s Birthday Party!

Bring Cris Johnson’s Amazing Programs to Your Child’s Birthday Party!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose
Cris Johnson for Your Child’s Party Entertainment!

  1. All-Inclusive Fees with NO Hidden “extras”

    When you choose me for your children’s party entertainment, you don’t have to worry about “extra fees.” I will give you a flat fee, with NO mileage charges or surcharges of any kind. I work hard to make my programs affordable.
  2. Clean & Appropriate Material

    I perform for children of all ages all year long. I’m an expert at it and believes it’s more skillful to entertain a family audience of varied ages with clean humor as opposed to some of the part-timers out there who think it’s funny to slip in some adult humor to try to appeal to grownups. Everything I do is family-friendly, like you’d see in a Disney cartoon.
  3. Audiences Will Be Riveted
    I have experience presenting programs to all kinds of groups – hundreds of school-age children, hundreds of teens at a high school, a dozen or so adults in a meeting room and all points in between. I guarantee your child and guests will LOVE my program.
  4. FAST & Easy Set-Up and Break-Down
    Because birthday parties can be so chaotic, and because space may be limited in a lot of homes, I’ve designed my birthday shows to require a MINIMUM of space and a FAST set-up. Usually I can be set up and ready to go in just 10 minutes!
  5. Targeted To Specific Age Level
    I have YEARS of experience presenting programs to all ages all over North America (35 states in the United States and many parts of Canada!) This means I cater the content of the show for the ages of kids attending, so you’ll never have to worry that the show is too childish for your 10 year old or too “above” or frightening to your five year old.
  6. Audience Participation…With Your Child as The Star!

    The best childrens party entertainment options actively involve the kids during the program. Some segments involve the entire audience participating from their seats. Other segments involve on-stage helpers from the audience. No one is made fun of and everyone who helps will feel great about helping me during my program, and your child will be the star of the show! Adults always remark about how well I work with children, teens and even adults!
  7. Easy To Work With
    Some performers ask a LOT from busy parents. You know the ones–they want special lighting, a dressing room, and their own bowl of green M&M’s. Not me! I can present his programs in virtually any indoor location.
  8. Tons Of Testimonials Prove My Effectiveness
    Just look around my website and you will see a tiny sample of the feedback my programs have received over the years. It’s one thing for a presenter to toot his own horn, but it’s impossible to argue with honest feedback from school administrators and program coordinators!
  9. Fully Insured

    While I use NOTHING dangerous or inappropriate in my programs (no fire, off-color humor, etc.), I am fully insured for your peace of mind! If you need a copy of the insurance on file, no problem – just call the office and I’ll take care of it!
  10. “Money Back” Guarantee
    I truly believe in the quality of my programs. Therefore I do not hesitate to guarantee them. My simple guarantee works like this: If you don’t feel my program was worth MORE than I said it was, he’ll return your full fee…and after presenting thousands of programs for almost two decades, NO ONE has ever requested their money back!

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