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Double Your Power Memory: A Memory Workshop!

Our lives are so fast-paced! Between our jobs, our families and our personal lives, is it any wonder that we feel overwhelmed? The fact is in life, we are now expected to do more in less time and to keep up at all costs.

Remembering key facts, figures or even numbers does not have to be a struggle. My “Double Your Memory” presentation will teach your participants simple but effective ways to enhance their memories.

“Double Your Memory” approaches the issue of memory by using our very genetics as a gateway to remembering facts much faster. Why? When we are born, we have NO concept of language, NO understanding of grammar, NO idea of calculation. What we DO have, however, is a bio-computer (our brain) that can instantly generate imagery at a moment’s notice.

In short, because we come into this world “hard-wired” to use our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) to experience and thus learn about the world, it only makes sense to use these natural instincts to make remembering facts, language, anything easier and faster than ever before!

Here are the key techniques your group will learn during this fast-moving, enjoyable presentation:

• Acronyms – Why they work as a memory hook, how to create your own and more
• Pictures Associations and Word Games – simple memory aids you can master FAST
• Mnemonics – The most effective memory aid you’ll ever learn! This incredible technique teaches you to use your brain the way it is designed…NOT the way we’ve been taught!

This program is sure to draw in both teens looking to improve their school work, senior citizens looking to remember things, and more. Trying to remember the vast amounts of information can be very difficult and time consuming. Developing easier and faster methods of remembering information also improves brain function and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

I know what you’re thinking – this sounds like a pretty dry lecture-style program. Nothing could be further from the truth! To keep everyone engaged, I use a lot of memorable imagery, comedy, audience interaction, and more. Even though there is a ton of great content, this program feels more like a “show” and definitely NOT a lecture!

As with all of my presentations, this program features amazing magic and mind reading, humor, stories of inspiration and group interaction to help illustrate the concepts as well as hold everyone’s attention. A master copy of the handout materials is provided so each attendee can have the main ‘take home’ points of the presentation for future reference.

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This program teaches several different memory systems based on rhymes, mnemonics, patterns and much more. These techniques are presented in a fun, light-hearted, fast-moving program that will have your guests demonstrating their comprehension of these techniques before the program is even over.

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