Library Show Special Message

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”
– B.B. King

Dear Media Specialist/Librarian:

Thank you so much for your attention! I wanted to craft a specific message about my programs for YOU because like you, I love to read and like you, I understand how important reading is for people—not just for education, career opportunities, and fun but also for increased brain power!

One of the things I do during my fun-filled library reading programs is really convey to the kids (and any adults watching!) that reading strengthens your brain in the same way that muscles in your arms and legs are strengthened by physical activity. So, not only is reading FUN but reading is also GOOD for you!

Moreover, I take a great deal of pride in the fact that after my programs, libraries see a dramatic increase in books being checked out of their library! Quite honestly, technology can be a good thing, but I feel that with all of the digital distractions these days, I think it’s easy for kids to lose track of just how rewarding reading can be. With that in mind, I REALLY stress a pro-reading message in each of my shows and encourage guests to check out LOTS of books!

While my programs are a feast for the eyes, the real purpose is to get kids to read, not because they HAVE to, but because they WANT to. It’s all about appealing to them with subjects that are near and dear to their hearts.

As you look over the topics on my library show page, remember that each program was carefully put together to illustrate a certain theme and this is easy to see, especially with the Summer Reading Program-themed show! Each year I create a show specifically to showcase that year’s summer reading theme. This year is my “Sports & Fitness Magic Show” which ties in perfectly to the 2016 theme of “On Your Mark…Get Set…READ!” theme!

An important point I need to stress: I do in fact offer programs designed to get teens, YAs, and adults into the library, too! While my fun kids’ programs are suitable for all ages (Including the Summer Reading Program Show, the Dr. Seuss-themed “A Cat And A Hat,” and the ever popular “I Love To Read”, as well as my Christmas and Halloween shows), the “Tales From Beyond” and “New York Spirits” shows really draw in the older kids, YAs, teens, and even adult crowds year round!

I’ve written quite a bit about WHAT I offer, but I want to stress to you HOW I offer it…in other words, how easy it is to host one of my programs! Each of my shows takes about 15-20 minutes to set up, meaning I’m easy…and my shorter set-up time means minimal disruption to the guests in the library who are perusing books!

Plus, I bring all of my own equipment and even my own compact state-of-the-art Bose sound system, so basically the only thing I need from the library is space to perform, a table (for certain shows), a place to plug in my sound system, and an audience – that’s it! On the day of the show, the only thing I need you to do is point me towards my performing area and I take care of the rest!

Once we settle on a date for the show, I will provide you with a colorful poster pertaining to that particular show that you can duplicate and hang in whatever quantity you like in order to promote the event. Additionally, I provide you with a fully customized-for-your-event press release that you can send to your local newspaper to REALLY get the word out! (And when I say “fully customized,” I mean it – all you have to do is fax or email it to your paper and voila! Easy!)

Best of all? Just before I end the show, I have a very specific technique to bring the energy level of the young children way down in order to make it easier for kids to go through the library QUIETLY and check out books…trust me, you’ll LOVE this…guaranteed!!

Speaking of “guarantees,” I guarantee your satisfaction with my programs with a 100% “Better-Than-Money-Back” Guarantee…if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my program, not only will I return your check to you but I will also donate $250 to your library, and in (nearly) 20 years of professional work all over North America, no one has ever taken me up on my guarantee!

Now that you know more about me, the next step is yours! Call me or email me so we can chat about your library. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Cris Johnson