Fair & Festival Entertainment

Entertainment For Your Fair or Festival That Is Amazing, Interactive, And Fun – Guaranteed!

If you are looking for no-hassle entertainment for your fair or festival, then this is going to be the most exciting website you’ll ever visit! I’m Cris Johnson – Magician, hypnotist, and mind reader and I’ve got an amazing series of magic shows and programs designed to perfectly complement your upcoming fair or festival!

Cris Johnson, Fairs, Festivals, Fair entertainer, Festival entertainer, magic show, magician, speakerFor the past 20+ years, I’ve has presented fun and entertaining shows to companies, schools, libraries, and other clients all across North America. Using a combination of music, magic, age-appropriate humor and interactive fun, I guarantee everyone at your fair or festival will be captivated from beginning to end!

I understand kids and, perhaps more importantly, knows how to relate to them. My shows are squeaky clean, with age-appropriate humor and amazing magic skills help keep audiences of all ages focused on my show. All of my programs use a ton of audience participation to get as many volunteers involved as possible and I will even have several people join me on stage.

Most importantly, I offer a “Better-Than- Money-Back- Guarantee,” meaning if you are unhappy with the show for any reason, you’ll receive a full refund PLUS $500 donated to your fair or festival…and in nearly 20 years of professional work all across North America, no one has ever taken me up on my guarantee!

Check out my entertainment packages below and don’t forget to check out my special report “7 Things To Ask Your Fair or Festival Entertainer!”

The Bronze Package:

This program consists of a fun-filled magic show that is tailored to your event, based on your group size, location, and more. This program is highly interactive, consists of fun magic routines designed for a family audience, and the best part is I’ve designed the program to set up in less than 15 minutes and once the program is finished, I can clear his equipment out in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES to easily allow a smooth transition to other entertainers, raffles, etc. It’s the most flexible program available!

Here are more details:

  • 30 minute interactive magic show
  • I provide my own PA system and microphone
  • FAST set-up and even FASTER transition to other activities
  • Can be performed nearly anywhere!

What will your guests see & experience?

  • One child helps me cause MONEY to appear from thin air!
  • A hilarious magical Game Show!
  • I cause amazing magic SNOW to appear, indoors or out!
  • And much more!

The Silver Package:

This program is longer, 45 minutes, with several LARGER effects and routines. This package is perfect for events where there is more time for the entertainment AND when here is a raised stage. With a raised stage or auditorium-type of arrangement, I can present a more elaborate show. Set time is still fast, about 30 minutes, but is more elaborate, more opportunities for volunteers, and designed to bring a BIG show feel to your event!

Here are features of the Gold Package:

  • 45-minute show
  • I provide my own PA system and microphone
  • LARGER effects and illusions
  • And much more!

What will your guests see & experience?

  • ALL of the features of the Bronze Package plus…
  • One volunteer will FLOAT IN THE AIR!
  • One volunteer will be put into the “Head Chopper Of Doom” (Will they make it out unharmed???)
  • Large objects appear & disappear
  • And much more!

The Gold Package:

Want to double your entertainment without doubling your investment? The Gold Package includes either one of the two packages above PLUS strolling/walk around magic. With this kind of entertainment, I walk around the fair/festival area and entertains guests as they are waiting in line at vendor stands and more. This kind of entertainment is fascinating because “the show goes to the guests,” providing an “something fin can happen anywhere, anytime” kind of feeling, It’s also a great way to build interest for my stage shows too!

What will your guests see & experience?

  • Several $1 bills instantly change to $20 bills!
  • A BORROWED $1 turns “inside out,” and back again!
  • A selected and signed card LEVITATES!
  • And much more!

Bring this one-of-a-kind show to YOUR fair or festival! Call me at (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell phone) or email me at cris@elementaryschoolassemblies.com to get more information!