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Syracuse School Assemblies that Educate & Inspire Your Students…Guaranteed!

Hilarious & Magical School Assemblies that Teach Your Students About Science, Anti-Bullying, PARP Reading, Math, & Character Education

If you’re looking for school assemblies in or near Syracuse, NY, I can help you. Effective school assembly programs can get your students excited about your school’s curriculum, but only if they hold their attention.

I’m Syracuse School Assembly Presenter Cris Johnson. Since 2003, I have delivered interactive and engaging school assemblies to students across the United States. I guarantee I can hold the attention of your students and keep them focused on my messages.

I currently offer 9 different programs. Each is filled with magic, contests, interactive fun, music, games, and more. Your students will be so caught up in the fun that they won’t even realize they are learning!

Here’s Why My Syracuse Shows Will Be the School Assembly Highlight of Your School Year…

  • My Assembly Programs are Easy to Host – You’ll be amazed at how “self-contained:” my programs are! I provide my own state-of-the-art PA system and microphone. Just show me where to set up and I take care of the rest.
  • Each Assembly is Loaded with Content – Every minute of school is important. If you are going to pull kids out of class, it had better be worth it. My programs are filled with important messages and lessons.
  • I Bring the “WOW” Factor – Your students will be amazed before the show even starts! Each assembly includes large, colorful backdrops and banners. They reinforce the messages of the show and grab your students’ attention instantly.
  • Each School Assembly Includes Variety – Depending on the topic, my programs might include jaw-dropping magic, hilarious games, fun contests, music, and more. Your kiddos will be riveted so they don’t miss anything!
  • My Programs Are Perfect for Any Assembly Location – Do you host your assemblies in your multi-purpose room? Or gymnasium? Maybe your school has a cafeteria or auditorium. Wherever you need me to perform is perfect. My programs are designed to fit anywhere.
  • Support Materials & Other School Assembly Enhancements – To generate excitement and anticipation before the big day, I provide your school with teacher support materials, “coming son” videos, morning announcements, and more!
  • Interactive Fun – Both students and faculty love how much I get kiddos involved in my shows. I get the entire audience involved and get up to a DOZEN volunteers onstage for even more fun!
  • Show Content Changes to Suit Different Grade Levels – I have performed school assemblies in Syracuse and other areas for nearly 20 years. I know how important it is to change the content for grade levels. I have created multiple versions of every show to better suit different grades.

My Past Clients Rave About the Quality of My School Assembly Programs

Here’s what a principal from a school I visited recently had to say:

Cris Johnson, Elementary School Assembly, School Assembly, Library Show

“Cris Johnson is someone you most definitely want to come visit your school and present to your students! His professionalism, charisma, and programs are far above the rest. He handles every last detail himself and makes every part of bringing his assembly programs (from scheduling to day-of setup) easy for the principal and school. The caliber of his program content is perfect for students in today’s ever changing and growing complex world. Whether he is showcasing character traits or test taking strategies, your students will be engaged and listening as a result of his mix of high interest tricks, media, and sensory inputs with choice language and explicit powerful messaging. By far what makes Cris the best assembly program provider for your school though is his ability to manage a large crowd! From the time the kids enter your gym, cafeteria, or multipurpose room to the time they reenter the classroom, Cris has them following his every lead in being respectful and courteous, quiet when necessary, and participating appropriately. Never have I had an assembly end so calmly and quiet!”

Kelly Moran, Ed.D., Principal
Maple Elementary School
Chardon, OH

 Watch clips from my live Syracuse school assemblies!

 I Guarantee Your Syracuse School Students & Faculty Will Love My Programs, Too

Want to know why I am so convinced your kiddos will enjoy my programs?

Simple. I include a variety different fun elements in my assemblies. By combining magic, comedy, music, games, contests, and other eye-catching techniques, your students won’t want to risk missing anything.

But my most valuable and effective tool is my interaction with kids. If people (of any age) are involved with an activity, they retain more information. And they pay more attention!

To be fair, plenty of other school assembly performers make the same claim. Here’s why I’m different.

My overwhelming collection of testimonials throughout my website shows the quality of my programs. I haven’t counted, but I estimate I have at least 100 different comments from school administrators, PTA?PTO parents, and many more.

In short, my track record speaks for itself.

My STEM/Science assembly has won national awards. My character education and bullying school assemblies continue to get updated each year to reflect current curriculum goals in schools. And my amazing math assembly show turns a topic some kids find boring into a roller coaster ride of hilarity!

But it’s more than just laughter and fun. Kids also love my shows because of my eye-popping and colorful set designs. I have even heard some students say they felt like they were going to a Broadway play when they attended one of my shows!

However, I get it. All of my hyperbole on my website may not be enough. To ensure you feel 100% comfortable with your decision to bring me to your school, here are two more considerations:

  1. Vaccinated & Boosted – I believe in doing everything in my power to protect your students and staff when I visit your school. Therefore, I have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. I have also been boosted for continued protection.
  2. The Strongest Guarantee Offered by School Assembly Performers. No other school assembly presenter in the United States dares to offer a guarantee like mine:

I’ll Refund Your Assembly Fee on the Spot PLUS Give Your PTA/PTO $500 If You Don’t Feel I Delivered Everything I promised:

       Yup, it’s true. Don’t like my assembly program? Don’t pay. And I will even hand your PTA/PTO representatives a check for $500 just for wasting your time.

That’s a strong guarantee, right?

But here’s the deal. I have performed 400+ shows a year since 2003. I’ve traveled to 38 states in our great country. And I have never had even a single client take me up on my guarantee.

And neither will you.

I’m friends with several other school assembly performers in the United States. A lot of truly great ones. And none of them feel comfortable offering a guarantee like mine.

Unlike other performers, I believe in offering a lot of information to help you make the most informed decision. With that in mind, I want to thank you for sticking with me on this webpage to this point!

If you’re looking for school assemblies in Syracuse, you’ll love my programs. Many of my other Western New York school clients bring me back year after year. Because I offer so many topics, they feel comfortable bringing a brand-new programs to their students each year.

When You Request More Information About My School Assemblies, I’ll Send You My Free Assembly Program Funding Report for FREE!

For some schools, funding assembly programs is a challenge. If that’s your school, I want to help. I’ve put together an informative report that outlines a mind-boggling 9 ways to fund your Syracuse school assemblies!

The report is called, “9 Secret Sources Of Funding For School Assemblies,” and you’ll gain instant access to it when you fill out the Contact Form at the top of this webpage. It’s yours free, no catches or strings attached.

You will also receive detailed information on my assembly programs that you can share with your planning committee.

Questions? Comments? I’m Here to Help!

Do you like that personal connection? Feel free to call me on my personal cell phone at (716) 940-8963. I’ll answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

– Cris

P.S. I almost forgot. Because I perform so many shows a year, certain weeks on my schedule fill up fast. “Read Across America” often fills up a year in advance! To avoid disappointment, contact me right away, while you’re thinking about it.

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