Tis the Season…For Science!

Cris Johnson, science experiments, thanksgiving science experiments, science, science for kids, science assembly, school assembly

Cris Johnson, science experiments, thanksgiving science experiments, science, science for kids, science assembly, school assembly

STEM-ucation: The Essentials of Science

Think back to elementary school. What was your favorite subject? English? Math? Spanish? You might be surprised by the number of kids who pick science…or don’t pick it. Science covers a wide breadth of material to provide students with knowledge of the human body, technology, and the world we live in and problem solving skills to help them develop their ability to adapt to new situations. “The Importance of Teaching Science to Children” introduces these topics while “Science Experiments To Turn Your Students Into Scientists” offers some hands-on science experiments for kids.

Tis the Season…For Science Experiments!

November ushers in the season of giving thanks. December the season of giving. Together, these months lead up to everyone’s favorite time of year…Science Fair Month! January is big month for science fairs and exhibitions but I want your students or children to love science all year long. Science experimentation can be just as magical as actual magic, only it uses natural forces to create and change. This holiday, inspire the little ones in your life with these Thanksgiving STEM Activities and Science Experiments at Little Bins for Little Hands:

  • Pumpkin Volcano: A simple twist on a classic experiment.
  • Pumpkin Slime: Boys will especially love this ooey gooey look at states of matter.
  • Thanksgiving Slime: Girls will especially love this incredible edible slime made from marshmallows and cranberries.
  • Pumpkin Clock: Potatoes are a thing of the past with this fall-themed look at electricity.
  • Dancing Corn: Only those who are up-to-date on modern dance moves will get this joke but this twist on the traditional baking soda and vinegar experiment is fun for everyone–No dabbing or flossing necessary!
  • Cranberry Structures: Remember building water molecules to represent H2O? This experience uses cranberries and toothpicks to build and construct molecules, towers, and more. Perfect for home or school.
  • Pumpkin Rolling: Dropping eggs from high places to text gravity can get messy. This activity teaches Newton’s Laws of Motion by rolling pumpkins around.
  • Cranberry Secret Messages: For the kids who wanted to be spies…write and send secret messages by painting with cranberry juice.
  • Growing Crystal Leaves: The perfect extended science experiment!

Scientists ask questions, make predictions, watch and measure, write down their observations, and talk about their process and results. In my “The Wacky Science Show” school assembly, I reinforce students’ knowledge of the scientific method while also teaching lessons on air pressure, states of matters, safety in science, and more! I want every child to get excited about science, and this assembly is perfect for kicking off the new year.

Read what others have to say about this show:

“What this assembly does have is contests, music, comedy, experiments, and tons of audience participation to get your students excited about science! “I was excited to see how highly engaged my students were throughout the “Wacky Science” show by Cris Johnson. His assembly was both educational and fun for our kids! I liked how much he involved the kids. We look forward to Cris returning to Niagara Street next year.”

Rocco Merino, Principal
Niagara Street Elementary School

“Cris Johnson just performed 2 assemblies of his “Wacky Science Show” at our elementary school. The PTA is always in search of new STEM assemblies for the student body and Cris did an awesome job of tailoring the assemblies in a grade-appropriate manner (prek-2nd grade, and 3rd-5th grade). The teachers raved about how fun and educational the shows were. As an added bonus, he selected at least a dozen children at each of the assemblies so the kids were thoroughly engaged. We look forward to booking Cris again with one of his other shows!”

Thanks again!
Dina Kalavanos, PTA Vice President
Bayside, NY

“A super huge thank you for delivering an amazing assembly to the 3rd and 4th grade students at Wayne Elementary School. Your assembly was the perfect kick start to motivating our students to participate in their upcoming science fair. Your “Wacky Science” performance was exactly what I was hoping for! In looking around the auditorium during your performance, all eyes were on you, kids were excited, and each and every one of them were engaged. Your assembly was educational, animated, and so much fun! We will be looking to have you back next year!”

Diane DiGravio, Science Teacher/Parent/PTO Volunteer
Ontario Elementary School
Ontario, NY