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PTA/PTO Events Your Families Will Be Excited About


Was your PTA/PTO fundraiser not the success you had hoped it would be? Or maybe all of your events are lacking in excitement? If it has been a while since parents and students have been wowed at your events, it may be time to try a new approach. With endless opportunities available for your next family night, it may be hard to find the right one. When planning your next one think about what your students’ or community is interested in. Try making your program active with at least one activity that students really get excited about. With a variety of activities that appeal to people of different interests, your programs will be a hit every time. Here are a few family night ideas to get you started.

Score Big With a Tailgating Party

Does your school district have a big game coming up? Plan a tailgating party to get everyone revved up for the game! In the weeks leading up to the event, have leaders secure donations from corporate sponsors for buns, hot dogs, cookies, bottled water, soda, chili, and even plates. Once the day arrives, parent volunteers can man grilling stations, sell food and beverages, sell spirited items, set up a face painting booth and greet the crowd as they enter the event. Get in contact with the marching band and cheerleaders and invite them to perform for the crowd before the game. A planning tip: Get your districts sports schedule well in advance so you have enough time to plan.

Throw a Birthday Party for Your School

If your school is throwing a milestone birthday, throw a family bash! Look at when your school was founded and throw a themed dance. (For example, if your school was founded in the 50’s, throw a 50’s themed party). Offer games for all ages in the gym and serve birthday cake and other refreshments. Play music from that decade and teach the families a popular dance from that era. Give prizes for the best-themed outfit and decorate the area with yearbooks and newspaper clippings from the year your school was founded.

Have a Parent-Child “Date Night”

This is a great opportunity for one-on-one bonding between your parents and students. This can be anything from a dance to a mini-golf tournament, to a minor league baseball game. Father-daughter/mother-son dances are a popular choice. You can also throw a Mother-Daughter Spa Night with fancy finger foods, desserts, and fingernail painting. You can also hire a motivational speaker, throw a concert or have a parent-child talent show. No matter the event, make sure your students know they can come with other relatives or family friends if a parent can’t attend. Think about your event and instead opt for alternative names such as Guys and Dolls Night, Me and My Guy, She and Me, etc.

Fun and Fitness

Get active with your families. Throw an event with an athletic twist. If it’s winter, have a winter fun and fitness night. You can include outdoor activities like sledding, snowshoeing, and build snowmen. Don’t forget indoor activities, like jump rope and basketball, for when it is time to warm up. If it’s warm outside, get in contact with your high school/middle school swimming pool and rent it for an afternoon. Admission can be whatever you choose, but always make sure your students are accompanied by an adult. If swimming isn’t an option, throw a water day with a giant water slide, water balloons, hoses, and buckets. Have parents run the bucket-filling stations and make sure you invite the teachers to participate in the event as well. No matter the event, offer healthy snacks and plenty of water or juice to help everyone stay hydrated.

Magical Mayhem: A PTA/PTO Family Fun Night Magic Show!

If your school’s parent-teacher organization or association is looking for a fun event to enhance a family night event, you’ve come to the right place! This show, called “Magical Mayhem,” can be presented as a fun event on its own or as an amazing add-on to an existing school-hosted event. Cris’ Family Night Magic Show is the perfect way to get your community involved and excited about supporting your school. Spectacular magic, music, audience interaction and onstage volunteers create memories your community will have for a lifetime! Adults and children alike will enjoy Cris’ unique humor and amazing magic! It’s also perfect for other school and community family events such as:

– End-Of-The-Year “Field Days”
– School Carnivals
– Family Reunions
– Company Picnics
– Fairs & Festivals
– and much more!

This show is customized for the age range of your audience and can be suited for any age group from age 5 to 90 and for groups from 10 people up to 500!