Amazing School Assembly Programs and Library Shows Assembly Programs February: National Library Lovers’ Month

February: National Library Lovers’ Month

Cris Johnson, library programs, library shows, love your library, national library lovers month

Cris Johnson, library programs, library shows, love your library, national library lovers month

“Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul.” —Library at Thebes, (inscription over the door)

What in the world would we do without our libraries? —Katharine Hepburn

I LOVE libraries, which were like a second home to me as a kid. Over the last 20 years I’ve brought a variety of interactive, age-appropriate, and fun programs to libraries across the United States, motivating, inspiring, and entertaining children, teens, and adults of all ages.

But when was the last time you visited your local branch? Did you go last week? Last month? Last year? In case you haven’t had a chance to embrace the magic of these establishments, here are my top three reasons to love your library:

  1. Access. Not everyone can afford to purchase a brand new book. No child should be deprived of reading because they don’t have easy access to reading materials, whether it is a chapter book, picture book, magazine, or newspaper. Libraries also provide access to research materials, music, and movies! The best part? You can bring them home for FREE.
  2. Connection. In “Recreational Reading And The Power of Conversation” I stated that “talking about the books we read strengthens reading comprehension, our ability to listen, and our ability to communicate.” At your local library you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who also love reading and talking about books.
  3. Community. Libraries bring in members from all over, people you normally don’t get to interact with. They also host a variety of events such as movie nights, writing sessions, book clubs, job fairs, lectures, and more.

Speaking of more, give patrons another reason to love your library with one of my library workshops and programs!

top 10 reasons to bring cris johnson's programs to your library

February: Library Lovers’ Month

You’ve heard of National Novel Writing Month. You’ve heard of Black History Month. Now introducing…National Library Lovers’ Month!

There are several ways to give back and express your gratitude for the efforts of your local library. Contribute by donating old books you’ve outgrown or will never read again. Make a small donation to offer financial support. Volunteer to read stories to young patrons, work events, or shelve books. Spread the word about how GREAT your local library is with the hashtag #NationalLibraryLoversDay so others can experience it firsthand.

Libraries In Your Community

The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library provides a comprehensive list of branch libraries and member libraries throughout Western New York. Find the library closest to you.

The Monroe Country Library System provides a comprehensive list of libraries throughout the Rochester area. Find the library closest to you.