Mind Control: Fact Or Fiction?

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Mind Control: Fact Or Fiction?

How are we deceived? Can others control us? What mental processes go on inside of our brains that cause us to process the world around us? Why do we pay attention to the things we pay attention to while ignoring other things?

In this fun, interactive middle school assembly, I will educate your middle school students on the psychology of deception, influence, and perception. I will engage your students in a fun and interesting way: by teaching the students the secrets behind mind control!

Using a blend of facts about psychology, the nature of deception, the psychology of influence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, optical illusions, and more, your students will learn the true secrets behind MIND CONTROL.

By teaching the psychology and secrets behind such a provocative subject, students will learn a great deal about human behavior, psychology, and sociology. The best part? The students won’t even realize what they are learning!

Along the way, I will amuse and amaze them on their level, teach them some fun things they can do to test these concepts in their lives, and much more!

Like my other middle school-level school programs, the “Mind Control: Fact Or Fiction?” middle school assembly uses age-appropriate humor, tons of audience participation, and plenty of amazing magic to keep the students focused.

As always, I bring all of my own props and tables, as well as my own backdrop and compact state-of-the-art sound system. This is a program that can be performed in almost any location, large rooms or small, stage, auditorium, classroom or cafeteria. It can be adjusted to be suitable for groups of from 10 to 350.

“It was really fun!”

“It was totally entertaining and fun to watch. The kids were really involved and they loved it. It was really fun to see their personalities come out and their creativity. I would LOVE to recommend this program to other schools.”

Liz Banner, Teacher – Brockport High School, Brockport, NY

“Great message!”

“Outstanding! Very entertaining…great idea to relate message with personal experiences! Great message!”

Ms. Kelly Kotlik, Teacher – North Tonawanda Catholic School, North Tonawanda, NY

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