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Make the Most of Working From Home With Young Children

Many people work from home these days, whether by choice or necessity, and many companies recognize the benefits of hiring remote workers. Although there’s the luxury of wearing pajamas to work (unless you’re on a video camera), working from home can be a struggle for parents of toddlers and babies. Still, it’s possible with a few tips. 

Set Up Your Workspace

When you went to work, you may have had little room to decorate your office exactly as you wanted it. But when your home in Buffalo, NY doubles as a workspace, you have full creative liberty to build the office of your dreams. 

As you’re setting it up, organize with functionality in mind. Arrange your office so you can grab everything you need quickly and avoid distracting clutter. It helps to place anything important or dangerous, such as a staple gun, up high away from your child.  

Establish Routines With Your Little One 

If you’ve never worked from home before, you may find your constant presence is a huge change for a toddler or baby. They grow accustomed to being with you all day and may experience separation anxiety, even if you’re merely in the adjoining room. It’s important to get your little ones adjusted to when their alone time will be. 

Spend the morning getting everyone ready for the day. Make sure they eat shortly before the time you’ll be working. If anyone is in diapers, get their diapers changed. Address all their basic needs, so you’re less likely to have distractions.  

Get Help If Needed 

Have you ever heard the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child“? That’s because parenting isn’t easy, and it’s especially challenging when you must work from home and balance parenting simultaneously.

If you’re struggling, consider finding help. You can hire a babysitter for a few hours per day to give you time to address any work you must do without distractions or background noise. 

Have Activities Planned 

Have activities and games handy for each tyke that they can do without your assistance or supervision. For instance, you can have an art table with age-appropriate art supplies, and on some days, you can bring out appropriately sized building blocks. If you have a toddler, consider downloading a few apps and letting them play on a tablet for some time while you’re working. 

Streamline the Billing Process 

Besides preparing your little one for you to work from home, take steps to make your job easier and less time-consuming as well. If you’re freelancing, for example, make the invoicing process as simple as possible so that you get paid on time and spend less time billing clients.

Consider using an online invoice generator that allows you to create a professional-looking invoice by choosing from pre-made templates. You can then customize the best invoice template that fits your purposes with your brand’s colors, logo, address, and billing information. 

Master Multitasking by Having a Game Plan

When you have a plan for working from home or running a home-based business in Buffalo while raising small children, the days go more smoothly. 

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