Amazing School Assembly Programs and Library Shows Assembly Programs Fun Ideas for Families Who Are Ready 
to Battle Nature-Deficit Disorder

Fun Ideas for Families Who Are Ready 
to Battle Nature-Deficit Disorder

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Experts are saying we don’t get enough time in the great outdoors these days, and parents are taking note. However, knowing your family needs to spend more time in nature and figuring out great ways to do that aren’t so simple in our hurried and digitized world. But take heart — we’ve pulled together some resources to help you win this tough parenting battle!

Head Start at the Homefront

When it comes to battling nature-deficit disorder, getting started at home is key. So whenever possible, introduce some things you and your family can do in your own backyard.

Of course, educators can also teach their students to be appreciative of nature. Cris Johnson has engaging school assembly programs that are interactive, educational, and fun, including programs dedicated to Ecology/Conservation and Recycling. Contact Cris to set up an unforgettable Conservation assembly at your school or library today!

In Your Neighborhood and Around Town

Of course, you don’t have to limit your outdoor adventures to the backyard. In fact, there are areas around town that can keep you more than a little busy!

Benefits Abound for Winning the Battle

So are the benefits of overcoming nature-deficit disorder? Believe it or not, spending time outdoors can provide a wealth of mental and physical perks.

Moms and dads have plenty of weapons for their battle against nature-deficit disorder! Look to your home to give your family a head start, and branch out into activities around town. In the end, you and yours have big health benefits to gain and only Nature-deficit disorder to lose!

Jenny Miller retired from teaching, but during her time with students she saw firsthand just how plugged in they really were. She made it her goal to encourage her students to unplug and get outside, and she continues that pursuit now for people of all ages through her site to end Nature-Deficit Disorder (NDD),