Family Trip Ideas for School Breaks

The pandemic canceled many vacations and changed the way families travel. But families are getting back out there, as demonstrated in a survey by Vrbo that showed 82% of families were making travel plans for 2021. Travel habits are shifting, with 61% of respondents saying an outdoor location would be more likely than an urban location. 

So today, Cris Johnson’s Amazing School Assemblies and Library Shows shares some tips to make the most of those school break vacations.

Plan a Mountain Adventure

Spending a few nights in a cabin is a great way to get out of the city and away from people. When you rent a remote cabin, you can explore nearby nature, enjoy a campfire, have a family game night inside, and look at the stars without seeing another person.

Rent an RV

Renting an RV gives you socially distanced accommodations you can take with you. Outdoorsy notes that you can rent a travel trailer for $50 to $125 per night or go all out on a more expensive class A motorhome for $175 to $275 per night. 

Consider a Ranch Vacation

The U.S. has plenty of ranches where you can stay in remote areas and experience outdoor adventures. No matter where you are, you can find a great dude or family ranch nearby. Your family is sure to enjoy horseback riding, exploring nearby woods and lakes, and ending the day with smores by the campfire.

Remote Beach

If you’ve had enough of the rural living, head to the beach! Avoid touristy beaches that are always crowded in favor of smaller, lesser-known areas. Renting a house instead of staying at a busy hotel or resort lets you enjoy a more distant beach vacation.


If your budget or your schedule don’t allow for a true vacation, consider planning a staycation. To prevent it from feeling like any other day, create a special staycation that will make your school break more exciting. Plan themed activities for each day, or turn your backyard into a campground by setting up a tent. Or pile up some sleeping bags on the living room floor for a family sleepover with your favorite movies playing on the TV.

You can also play tourist in your own city. Explore aspects of your area that you take for granted and research to find new adventures you didn’t even know existed. You might be surprised by what you learn in the process!

Products to Pack

Using kid-friendly tech while you travel can keep your children safer. Smartwatches for kids keep you in contact if you get separated. They have parental controls to keep your young ones from seeing things they shouldn’t, and they often have GPS and a medical ID to help in case of an emergency.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, make sure you have everything you need, especially the right clothes. You want to be sure your clothes are both lightweight and functional. Check this one out for a simple option that will also beat the summer heat.

Take a Fun Trip

It’s a rarely-discussed fact that vacations can be almost as stressful as work, unless we eliminate that stress with a little preemptive planning. So consider these kid-friendly tips to help you decompress while also making fond memories as a family.
Cris Johnson’s Amazing School Assemblies and Library Shows believes that fun and education can go hand-in-hand. So make your family time amazing and book Cris for your school’s next assembly for an experience like no other!