What is “Character”?

pexels-photo-23971What is “Character”?  

Our character is more than our reputation. Our reputation is how others see us while character is who we really are, even when no one is watching.  Everyone has character. However, not everyone’s character is moral. Having good character means that you have admirable traits such as honesty, responsibility, and courage. The essence of having good character is doing what is right. The basic traits of good character are respect, fairness, responsibility, caring, citizenship, and trustworthiness. As we strengthen these specific traits, our overall character is improved.

How Does Our Character Affect Our Lives?

Our character is what determines our success in any area of life. What is success is different depending on the person but, in general, success depends on how we respond to events and circumstances. It follows that it is our character that determines our success. However, that doesn’t mean that “good” people will always experience more “success” than “bad” people. Some character traits that tend to lead to “success” and others that tend to produce “failure.” How we respond to various things determines the results we will get. This is why the success we have in any endeavor is determined by our character.
For example:

  • In order to get good grades, a student must be diligent to study every day and endurance to keep working even when they are tired.
  • A person in with a strong character quality of truthfulness is much more likely to accurately report the facts in a given situation than a person who tends to be characterized by deceptiveness.
  • A person with the character quality of tolerance will be more accepting of others and less prejudiced.

How Can We Teach Character?

It can be noted that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the time he or she is three years of age. Because of this, it is important to teach basic character values at an early age. The earlier a child is taught basic values, the more likely he or she is to retain these values. The best advice for parents who want to give their children a sound moral foundation would be to impart moral values to children well before a child starts walking and talking. In general, adults should strive to have a strong character in order to be a good influence on the children around them. This is through their own behaviors and actions, setting high standards and clear expectations, and teaching them on how to be responsible and kind. Providing a solid character education is a long-term endeavor, but will be worth the time spent. Children who learn values such as compassion, honesty, and teamwork will be more successful in life, no matter what career choice they choose. They are also found to be happier and more at peace than others who believe doing what feels good at the time is the key to a happy life.

“Yes I Can” The Ultimate Character Education School Assembly Program

This character education assembly program is designed to help students realize their own potential as well as respect the rights and feelings of others. Cris has designed this fun-filled school assembly program to help explain to students why it’s who we are on the INSIDE that matters, not the outside. Your students will be encouraged never to give up if they face hardships in life, because, let’s face it, problems do arise. Mistakes are made, speed bumps in the road of life are encountered. However, how we as people respond to challenges in life defines who we are. Learn how to bring “Yes I Can” to your school today!