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Looking for Buffalo School Assemblies Guaranteed to Hold the Attention of Your Students?

Motivate and Educate Your Kids with Amazing School Assemblies on Science/STEM, Bullying, Character Education, Math, Read Across America, and More

Are you the principal, teacher, faculty, or PTA/PTO member in Buffalo, NY? School assemblies are an effective way to get your students excited about your school’s curriculum. But the challenge is finding quality school assemblies in or near Buffalo that entertain kids while educating them.

I’m here to help.

My name is Cris Johnson and for the last 20 years, I have been delivering exceptional school assemblies in Erie, Niagara, and surrounding counties. I’m an expert at getting and holding the attention of students for important topics.

Each of my 9 school assembly shows feature jaw-dropping magic, age-appropriate humor, interactive games and contests, sound effects, music, and more. I use all of this to keep your students engaged and laughing. They won’t even realize they are learning important curriculum lessons.

9 Reasons Why Your Buffalo Students & Faculty Will Love

My School Assemblies

  • Stress-Free School Assemblies Make My Visit Easy – You don’t need to provide me with anything. I bring my own state-of-the-art PA system and microphone so your students can hear every word I say.
  • Educational & Motivational Content – Your classroom time is too valuable to waste on school assemblies without important lessons. Each of my school shows is filled with content that reinforces your school’s curriculum.
  • A Feast for Your Students’ Eyes – Each of my school assemblies feature colorful backdrops and banners that grab your students’ attention as soon as they enter the assembly area. The brightly colored set designs also reinforce my programs’ messages!
  • School Assembly Variety Shows – Each of my assemblies is filled with some combination of magic, science, games, contests, and unpredictable fun. Your Buffalo students will stay glued to the program so they don’t miss anything!
  • Convenient Programs Can Set Up Anywhere – I have designed my assemblies to set up quickly for minimal disruption of your day. The best part? My school shows can take place in your gym, cafeteria, auditorium, or multi-purpose room.
  • Extra Goodies to Enhance the Fun – Before the assembly date, you’ll receive teacher support materials, morning announcements, printable flyers, and even a special “welcome video” you can use to build excitement for my program!
  • Join-in Fun & Onstage Volunteers – My past school assembly clients rave about how interactive my programs are. I’ll get the entire audience involved, and up to a DOZEN students on stage with me!
  • Different Versions for Different Grade Levels – After performing in Buffalo and surrounding area schools, I know how important it is to offer programs for different grades. I have created multiple versions of each program to give your students the most age-appropriate experience.

After 20 Years of Performing School Assemblies in Buffalo, I Guarantee Your Students, Teachers, & PTA/PTO a Program They’ll Never Forget

Here’s what a principal from a school I visited recently had to say:

Cris Johnson, Elementary School Assembly, School Assembly, Library Show

“Cris Johnson is someone you most definitely want to come visit your school and present to your students! His professionalism, charisma, and programs are far above the rest. He handles every last detail himself and makes every part of bringing his assembly programs (from scheduling to day-of setup) easy for the principal and school. The caliber of his program content is perfect for students in today’s ever changing and growing complex world. Whether he is showcasing character traits or test taking strategies, your students will be engaged and listening as a result of his mix of high interest tricks, media, and sensory inputs with choice language and explicit powerful messaging. By far what makes Cris the best assembly program provider for your school though is his ability to manage a large crowd! From the time the kids enter your gym, cafeteria, or multipurpose room to the time they reenter the classroom, Cris has them following his every lead in being respectful and courteous, quiet when necessary, and participating appropriately. Never have I had an assembly end so calmly and quiet!”

Kelly Moran, Ed.D., Principal
Maple Elementary School
Chardon, OH

 Watch clips from my live school assemblies!

 Your Buffalo School Students Will Be Captivated From Beginning to End by My Assemblies

Why am I so sure your kids will love my school shows?

One word: Variety! I use plenty of different ‘tools’ to hold the attention of even the most jaded or rambunctious students. With eye-popping magic, goofy comedy, interactive fun, contests, and silly games, students won’t know what’s coming next!

I also add texture and variety to every assembly show with music, wacky set designs, and a ton of onstage volunteers. If students are involved, they pay more attention!

But I know there are a lot of school assembly presenter choices on the Internet. Why choose me?

Simple. My programs strike the perfect balance between education and fun.

Even though you may have never heard of me, I have a STEM/Science Assembly that has won awards. And my hilarious Math Assembly turns a topic many kids think is boring into a lightning-fast laugh riot!

And all the education is balanced with incredible magic perfectly suited to your students’ grade levels. I use magic and fun to illustrate important bully-prevention and character education concepts.

Because every assembly I offer includes its own unique backdrop and set design, some kids have even said they feel like they were going to a Broadway play! The colorful banners and backdrops turn each of my school assemblies into an amazing one-of-a-kind theatrical experience for every kid who attends.

You can rest assured that I can deliver an assembly experience your Buffalo students will never forget because of:

  1. 20+ years of rave reviews – Any school assembly performer can talk about how good they are. But the true test is what the performer’s past clients say. Explore my website and you’ll see at least 100 testimonials from my satisfied clients.
  2. My one-of-a-kind guarantee. Every other performer I’ve told my guarantee to is scared to offer anything close to it! Here it is:

My Incredible “Better-Than-Money-Back” School Assembly Guarantee:

       Here’s the deal. If for any reason you feel I failed to deliver an engaging, educational and interactive experience worthy of pulling your students out of class to attend, I will give you a full, no-questions-asked refund. And I will even donate $500 of my own money to your school’s PTA/PTO.

I can’t possibly be more fair, can I?

But after performing an average of 400 shows each year since 2002 in 38 states across the country, do you know how many schools have requested a refund?


If you’ve read this far, then it means you’re interested in my curriculum-based lessons for your school in (or around) Buffalo. After reading the reviews throughout my website, you don’t have to worry. You won’t want your money back.

Many of my Niagara and Erie County school and library clients bring me back every year.

And because I offer so many different assembly topics, there are plenty of options for YOUR school!

Just for Requesting More Information, I’ll Send You My School Assembly Funding Report Absolutely FREE!

I know that finding the funds for school assemblies in Buffalo can sometimes be tough. But I’ve made it easy for you. Simply fill out the contact form on this page and you’ll get a copy of my special report, “9 Secret Sources Of Funding For School Assemblies,” absolutely free.

I’ll also send you detailed assembly information that you can forward to your assembly-planning committee. You’ll receive the information automatically, moments after you fill out the form.

I’m Happy to Answer Any Questions You May Have

If you prefer the personal touch, feel free to call me at (716) 940-8963. We can discuss your school’s assembly needs and how my school shows can help you and your students.

I look forward to speaking with you!

– Cris

P.S. One last thing – because my school shows are so popular, certain parts of the school year (like Read Across America) often book six months to a year in advance. Contact me right away while you’re thinking about it to avoid missing out!

Cris Johnson, Elementary School Assembly, School Assembly, Library Show

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