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There’s No “I” In Team

Inspire Students To Build Lasting Friendships Every student needs a friend. For those who are shy, finding the courage to ...
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Teach Diversity, Not Division

Promote Diversity To Encourage Anti-Bullying Behavior Every parent and teacher understands that children mimic. They want to be like us, ...
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We Teach History Because History Teaches Us

We Teach History Because History Teaches Us Think about the last book you read. What about that book kept you ...
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Put The “Story” Back In “History”

History Has Its Eyes On You History has always been exciting (at least for me!) but thanks to the success ...
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Step Away From The Screen

Less Screen Time - More Sun Time! Screens are so commonplace in today's society that we don’t give them much ...
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Five Tips For Stronger Study Habits

The Days Are Numbered–School Days That Is! The end of the school year is around the corner which means two ...
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The Strong® National Museum of Play

Two Major Challenges of Academics One of the biggest hurdles any parent, teacher, librarian, or school faculty member will face ...
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Science Experiments To Turn Your Students Into Scientists

Different Learning Paths Teaching is not for the faint of heart. There are so many distinct challenges and rewards related ...
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Every Day is Earth Day in Buffalo

Earth Day 2019: Protect Our Species Earth Day 2019 is here and as we celebrate our wonderful world and all ...
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Buffalove Your Community Parks

Recycling Is Important Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors, and as good neighbors, we should respect our community and ...
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Green Recycling, Classroom recycling, Cris Johnson, recycling school assembly, green school assembly

Recycling In Classrooms

In "Recycling Made Easy" I touched upon some common statistics regarding recycling, as well as a few general activities for ...
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Buffalo’s Fish Out Of Water

Merging Magic and Messages One of the reasons my school assembly shows are so popular, both in my hometown of ...
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