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Fall In Love With My Virtual Assembly Show

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From Your School To Your Screen: Introducing My Virtual Assembly Show “Superhero Science”

2020 has been quite a year. As a performer who thrives in front of a live audience, it’s been a tough adjustment to working from home. But this time away has led to some truly exciting things.

First, I wrote a book! (A little shameless plug never hurt anyone, right?) “SUPER SCIENCE: UNLEASH YOUR SUPERPOWERS WITH THESE FUN EXPERIMENTS!” combines my love of reading and my zealous for science experiments in one neat book. Encourage your children to read, inspire a love of science, and create lasting memories with fun experiments for children of all ages.

Second, I created “The Educator’s Stress & Anxiety Reduction Toolkit” to help teachers and faculty relieve stress in these confusing, chaotic times. Learn more about this toolkit here.

What I’m most excited about is my new virtual assembly show “Superhero Science!

Yes, you read that right. School assembly shows are still an option!

Thanks to modern technology we’ve come a long ways in the entertainment industry and like other professions, we’ve rose to the challenges provided by coronavirus so we can continue to do the things we love most: educate and entertain students across the country!

The Benefits of Virtual Assembly Shows

Easily Accessible

The best part of virtual assembly shows is that you can watch anywhere, at any time, on almost any device. When you book my “Superhero Science” show, all you need to decide is what time of day best fits your school schedule!

Live and Interactive with Prerecorded Outdoor Experiments

I carefully selected my experiments to fit a virtual audience:

  1. There are simple yet amazing exercises and experiments that only require a sheet of paper which your students can perform live during my presentation.
  2. There are fun, interactive experiments that can safely be performed in any classroom. I’ll provide a list of materials and students will get to experiment LIVE in front of their classmates.
  3. There are pre-recorded outdoor experiments that would be too messy for a gymnasium or cafeteria. And yet, they can be easily replicated at home with help from Mom and Dad!

Same Exciting Performances

School lessons can become dry when you have to teach material dictated by the state curriculum. Virtual assembly shows give teachers a break and get kids excited about the material they’re learning through a hands-on approach.

Superhero Science Show

Science holds a special place in my heart so of course “The Wacky Science Show” was the first live performance I adapted to fit a virtual audience. The key was to tailor my assembly so I could still engage students at home while presenting scientific principles such as chemical reactions, optical illusions, potential and kinetic energy, the Scientific Method, and more. But then I realized…in person presentations have several limitations when it comes to “making messes” that limit the science experiments I showcase. This new virtual format actually opened the door to bigger, wackier, more epic outdoor experiments that simulate the superpowers of our favorite heroes. In “Superhero Science” I demonstrate mind-blowing superhero-themed experiments like stopping a falling object with your mind, controlling the flow of water, and shrinking friends and family down to action figure size.

Your students will be wowed, amazed, and astounded as they watch this interactive virtual assembly show that still incorporates volunteers from each classroom and a live presenter (me!). Nothing is lost and your students will gain so much. Plus, it’s a STEM school assembly that even the faculty will love!