Dear Event Planner

Dear Event Planner,

Thank you for taking the time to read this special message. The reason why I’m writing what I intend to be a personal message to you is because I want to give you several reasons as to how I am the BEST choice for your event.

First, because I am a full-time family show specialist, I understand how childrens’ events are set up. I understand the fact that when children are at a special event, they want to laugh and have fun, so my goal with the Ultimate Balloon Twisting Experience workshop is teach the kids how to make balloon sculptures but to do it in a fun way.

Understanding how these events are run gives me an advantage: when I arrive, I am a self-contained package…I need no assistance with bringing my equipment inside, nor do I need help setting anything up. I don’t even need a sound system or microphone, because I provide my own state-of- the-art PA system and mic, with no extra charge to you!

With my show, the only thing I need is a space to perform, and an electrical outlet to plug in my Bose sound system. That’s it! No headaches, no special lighting, no dressing rooms with green M&Ms…easy, guaranteed! (more on that later!)

Also, in addition to keeping your kids laughing, amazed, and engaged with the balloon workshop, I also start the experience off with 30 minutes of hilarious magic to set the tone and give you more time for your investment. Most magicians provide magic shows that are 30, 45, or at most 60 minutes. But with The Ultimate Balloon Twisting And Magic Show Experience, you’ve got entertainment for a full 90 minutes! (And quite frankly, the kids will enjoy playing with the balloons long after!)

Secondly, I understand the mindset and psychology of children, specifically the ages of young children ages 5-12. Therefore, the magic and humor I present is geared towards that age group. While I am a magician, I am NOT a “street magic” or Criss Angel type of performer. My shows are family friendly, funny, and interactive.

In fact, after nearly 20 years of presenting programs to children of all ages across North America, I have been praised by all of my clients for understanding child psychology and knowing how to effortlessly adapt to the ages of guests in my audiences.

Thirdly, because these are events with a wide age range, I understand how to hold the attention of not only the variety of ages of the children as well as parents or any adults attending. Sadly, too many so-called “children’s entertainers” out there like to sprinkle in some ‘salty’ humor in an attempt to curry favor with the adults. Not me – I guarantee that with my presentations, you’re getting a clean, family-friendly show filled with modern, fun magic as well as the interactive fun of the balloon twisting workshop.

In fact, I feel so strongly about the quality of my program that I offer a “Better-Than- Money-Back-Guarantee,” meaning if you feel that I failed to deliver on my promise to present a fun-filled, amazing show that captivates all ages, not only will you receive a full refund, but I will donate $250 to your treasury. I’m also proud to say that after nearly 20 years of professional work and THOUSANDS of shows, I’ve NEVER had a single client take me up on my guarantee!

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


Cris Johnson, dear event planner

Cris Johnson