At-Home Learning and Earth Day

Cris Johnson assembly, school assemblies, at home learning, learning resources, earth day 2020, recycling assembly

Cris Johnson assembly, school assemblies, at home learning, learning resources, earth day 2020, recycling assembly

At-Home Learning: Online Resources

In “Bullying And Back-To-School” I addressed the fact that some children do not view school as an enjoyable experience. Whether they’re being bullied by a classmate, struggling to keep up with the material, or restless in an environment that encourages calm, quiet, and focus, school isn’t also the positive learning community we want it to be. But the opposite can also be said. School is where kids get to see their friends. It’s where they get to mess around with science, learn about cowboys and Native Americans, where they have easy access to books. School is a social gathering from those valuable moments pre-morning bell to the minutes following dismissal as they prolong getting on the bus and going home.

When students are unable to attend school–whether it’s because of a precaution (like for COVID-19), because they’ve come down with the common cold, or because of weather-related instances such as snow–they miss out on more just than just their education. School is a safe space where they have access to a hot meal, where kids from troubled homes can find solace and serenity. For some, school is the highlight of their day.

Fortunately, times of trouble can bring out the best in people and Scholastic has created an online resource for families and caregivers so kids can continue to learn at home:

We know that missing school isn’t easy for your kids—or for you. But we also know that there are simple ways to turn unexpected time at home into exciting opportunities for your students to learn, think, and grow.

That is why we’ve created Scholastic’s Learn at Home website. This free resource provides your children with 20* days of exciting articles and stories, videos, and fun learning challenges. Children can complete them anytime, in any order. They can work on their own or together with you and your family.

Lauren Tarshis
Sr. VP, Editor in Chief & Publisher
Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic isn’t the only one seeking ways to help children across the country. Here is just a fraction of the online resources available to your children:

  • “At-Home Learning Resources” from Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher. Visit website.
  • “Learning at Home from Learning Resources®. Visit website.
  • “36 Free Educational Websites Parents Can Access While Schools Are Closed” from Visit website.
  • “Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning” from Arcademics. Visit website.

At-Home Learning: Earth Day Activities

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day. That’s ONE DAY celebrating our wonderful planet and all its inhabitants. ONE DAY to discuss important global issues with children of all ages by connecting these issues to a topic that is meaningful to them.  One. Day. Isn’t that a little sad?

Think of how amazing our planet is. How amazing just your backyard is! Think of the trees and the birds that live in them, think of bees and flowers, of worms in the dirt, and that stray cat you see wandering your neighborhood, bringing a smile to your child’s face.

One of my goals as an educator and entertainer is to make every day Earth Day. Why limit ourselves to thanking our planet for the gifts it gives us just once a year? has compiled 25 of Pinterest’s favorite Earth Day activities that you can easily do at home with items you already have laying around the house. Create a “trash rainbow” with paper scraps. Create a DIY butterfly garden to bring color and life into your backyard. Send your kids on a backyard scavenger hunt. Do a different activity every day and document it online to inspire family and friends to do the same!

25 Awesome Earth Day Activities for Kids

A Recycling Assembly To Get Your Students Excited About Earth Day Any Time Of Year

In my Ecology and Conservation Assembly Program “Pollution Solution” I teach students about conservation, why it matters, and about how people, animals, and every living thing benefits from a cleaner environment. “Pollution Solution” uses emotion, not statistics, to engage students and tackle the subject of recycling. With magic, age-appropriate humor, join-in fun, and so much more, I will teach your students about why conservation matters, what they can do TODAY to protect the earth, how to identify trash vs recyclables, the 3 R’s, and more. Click here to learn more or contact me today at (716) 940-8963 to schedule your next assembly!