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Reading Appreciation P.A.R.P. Assembly

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Great for Read Across America, P.A.R.P., And More!

I love reading! In fact, I love reading SO much that I named my P.A.R.P. school assembly program “I Love To Read!” Okay, I admit it’s not the most clever name for a school assembly, but it fits. I literally don’t feel right each day unless I read. Hearing so many adults say that they don’t enjoy reading (many stating they haven’t picked up a book since high school or college) is as incomprehensible to me as learning a foreign language without proper instruction – I just don’t get it!

In my “I Love To Read” assembly program, I want to highlight not only how useful reading is in daily life but also how necessary it is to have a rewarding and fulfilling life. This show does not highlight classics of children’s books (that’s where my “A Cat And a Hat” Seuss-themed assembly comes in), rather, this assembly highlights different genres of books, the difference between non-fiction and fiction, biographies and autobiographies, the functions of punctuation, and so much more!

As with all of my other school assemblies, there is magical zany fun in “I Love To Read:” Airhead Rudy is a goofy but cautionary tale about what happens when you don’t read enough… Punctuation Pandemonium will turn your upper grades into giggling swarms of laughter as we highlight, well, punctuation! A teacher from your audience provides an assist as I try to learn something new…Bob The Bookwork helps your younger grades appreciate some of the different genres of books available in your library…7 kids, 6 bookmarks, and 2 sets of sunglasses set to the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme highlight mystery stories as well as a great ‘life lesson,’ and more! Finally, a cardboard box helps me FLOAT IN THE AIR as kids learn why it’s so important to protect books!

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly A Reading School Assembly That Is Customized For Your Grade Levels

As with all of my assembly programs, this presentation has two versions – one for younger grades and one for the older grades. The real focus of this school assembly is just how important reading skills are in all walks of life: professional, personal, and of course for fun! Reading benefits such as safety, nutrition, mental acuity, and many more are touched on in this amazing program!

The entire show is enhanced with a beautiful set design that not only encourages kids to R.E.A.D. but also how Reading can Educate you and with a good Attitude and Determination, help you succeed in life!

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

The Reading Appreciation Assembly Program “I Love To Read”:

Key Learning Points:

  1. How reading keeps you mentally healthy!
  2. How reading can help you learn about anything!
  3. Reading is not just important in life but it’s also FUN!
  4. Why reading is so important for any career in life – even sports!
  5. How reading can make your DREAMS come true!
  6. Sentence structure, punctuation, reading comprehension, correct spellings of similar sounding words, and much more!

I’ve been presenting “I Love To Read” for both schools and libraries because I really DO want to do everything I can to encourage your students to love reading! As a testament to the power of this program, over the years, I’ve had the privilege of having children approach me after the show and tell me NOT how wonderful the magic was but specifically how much they DO love to read and that they appreciated the message. Each time this happens, I’m both humbled and elated!

Call (716) 940-8963 TODAY (that’s my cell phone number) or fill out the Contact Form above to have “I Love To Read” information sent to you instantly!

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Dear School Counselor, Cris Johnson, School Assembly


I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

“Cris was able to keep an audience of young children along with their teachers captivated for 45 minutes. The show was well presented, dynamic, tied to reading and very entertaining. His upbeat show along with his sense of humor and timing provide an excellent program for students. I would recommend this program for schools without hesitation!”

NancyJean Osborn, Principal
Byron-Bergen Central School
Bergen, New York

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

“Cris did a wonderful job of using his performance magic to support our P.A.R.P  theme: ‘books are magic…the real trick is reading.’ Outstanding & very easy to work with!”

Scott Tellgren, Principal
Springville Elementary
Springville, NY

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

“Cris was able to hook the students and grab their attention. He passed along many messages about reading and really helped us kick off our P.A.R.P. event.”

Erika Rice, Teacher
Pine Hill Primary Center
Cheektowaga, NY

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

“Cris is really great with the kids…He is both entertaining and informative. We have had him two years in a row and the kids really enjoy Cris’ programs. Outstanding!”

Carm Proctor, Principal
Jefferson Middle School
Jamestown, New York

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

“Cris’ program was extremely well-planned, organized and age-appropriate. The message of the event was clear and well presented as he interacted well with the children. Most of all, Cris was so easy to work with!”

Tina Mayer, Principal
Washington Elementary
Pittsburgh, PA

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly

“Cris’ program ‘I Love to Read’ was incredible. It culminated with Eggert Elementary Schools month long PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) program perfectly.  He not only captivate the students and teachers with his magic, he effortlessly interwoven the importance of reading.  He had complete control of the audience and even got the students to voluntarily leave silently.  He was a pleasure to work with, had an understanding of the school climate and the needs of the teachers.   I highly recommend Cris without hesitation.”

 Elizabeth Keppler, Library Media Specialist 
Eggert Elementary
Orchard Park CSD
Orchard Park, NY

I Love To Read, reading appreciation assembly, PARP assembly
“Our elementary school just had Cris Johnson in, to present his “I LOVE TO READ” program.  It was wonderful!  The children were completely engaged from beginning to end.  Cris used student volunteers for some of his magic, which kept the interest level high.  He cleverly wove in the theme of the program and had humorous stories to illustrate his points.  The adults were just as entertained as the students.  He is a great magician. He kept all of us wondering, “How did he do that?”  I would highly recommend having Cris Johnson in to present a program for your school.  It is well worth it.”

Joan Cirillo, Assembly Program Coordinator & Reading Specialist
Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School


“Great control of the audience with an appropriate message!”

Dan Bracey, Principal
Washington Middle School
Jamestown, New York

“I asked several students, from developmental kindergarten to fifth grade, if they enjoyed the assembly. The answer is a resounding “YES!” Teachers and support staff commented on how much they also enjoyed the show and they hope we are able to have you back to perform again next school year. Thank you so much for putting on such an awesome performance for our students and staff! We loved the interactive aspects and all the adults in the building were BLOWN AWAY with how you managed to get our students to leave the auditorium so quietly!”

Nichole Glomski,  PTO President
Kirk Elementary School
Millington, MI