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PTA/PTO Family Night

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PTA/PTO Family Fun Night Magic Show!

If your school’s parent teacher organization or association is looking for a fun event to enhance a family night event, you’ve come to the right place! This show, called “Magical Mayhem,” can be presented as a fun event on it’s own or as an amazing add-on to an existing school-hosted event. It’s also perfect for other school and community family events such as:

– End-Of-The-Year “Field Days”
– School Carnivals
– Family Reunions

– Company Picnics
– Fairs & Festivals
– and much more!

This show is customized for the age range of your audience and can be suited for any age group from age 5 to 90 and for groups from 10 people up to 500!

Here Is A Small Sample of What Your Audience Will See & Experience:

  1. One volunteer will FLOAT IN THE AIR!
  2. Cris will make an INDOOR SNOWSTORM!
  3. One volunteer will put their head in Cris’ HUGE HEAD CHOPPER! (optional for older kids)
  4. A tribute to Harry Houdini goes horribly wrong…with hilarious results!
  5. Cris offers to teach the audience how to do amazing magic…but things go comically haywire!
  6. And MUCH more!

Want An EASY Way To Raise Money For Your School Or Special Event?

That’s right, this magic program can be offered as a fundraiser! Elementary assembly performer and magician Cris Johnson knows how time consuming traditional fundraising methods can be. As a result, years ago he created a few simple fundraising methods that are fun, easy and fast!

Cris’ Family Night Magic Show is the perfect way to get your community involved and excited about supporting your school. Spectacular magic, music, audience interaction and onstage volunteers create memories your community will have for a lifetime! Adults and children alike will enjoy Cris’ unique humor and amazing magic!

As always, Cris brings all of his own props and tables, and carries his own backdrop and compact state-of-the-art sound system. This is an act that can be performed in almost any location, large rooms or small, stage, auditorium, classroom or cafeteria. It can be adjusted to be suitable for groups of from 10 to 350.

Cris has created this fundraising option to require as little effort on your part as possible. All you have to do is provide a location for the show and sell the tickets, either pre-sale, at the door or both. Cris will provide an entire CUSTOMIZED-FOR-YOUR-EVENT KIT that you can use to promote the event. You also have the option of selling refreshments at the show to enhance the experience and increase your money making potential.

At the end of the show, the school gets 50% OR MORE of the ticket sales and ALL of the money raised at the concession stand!

Absolutely No Risk To You!

When you book one of Cris’ popular daytime educational assembly programs and his “Family Night Magic Show” for the same day he will waive his standard fee for the fundraiser show, receiving only a portion of the ticket sales from you! This means you have nothing to lose. Cris only gets paid for the “Family Night Magic Show” when you make money on ticket sales.

Want To Make Even More Money?

With just a small amount of effort, you could make this show even more profitable! Cris will provide you with customized fliers, ticket masters, press releases, morning announcements, and a guide book filled with ideas to maximize the earning potential of this program! Simply photocopy the fliers and give to the students to take home, give the press release to your local newspaper, and keep the students excited with the morning announcements and Cris guarantees you’ll make a ton of money for your school!

Want An Even Easier Way To Raise Money?

Looking for something different that will last a little longer than one night? Something that will provide hours of entertainment and encourage kids to read? Something that will help you raise a ton of money for your school? Cris’ booklet “Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids” is available for your school to sell. These booklets contain over 60 illustrated magic tricks that kids will have a wonderful time learning, while practicing their reading skills! He also offers a magic DVD titled “Amazing Magic Secrets for Kids” that teaches entirely different magic tricks. Once again, there is no risk to you! Your school gets 50% of the sales. Simply call Cris to receive your order forms and then take orders at your school. Mail the orders and the check to Cris and in 1-2 weeks you will receive your books and DVDs.



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