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Cris Johnson Makes Math F.U.N.!

Cris Johnson promises that your students will get more excited about math than ever before as they learn math puzzles, games, and even math-e-magic tricks that they can do at home.  They won’t learn about adding, subtracting, or dividing (they get enough of that in class) but Cris guarantees that your students will understand that math is all around them and is a big part of what they do and see every day.

math appreciation school assemblyThe core concepts of the Goofy Kooky Math Show are:           

Fun: There are so many FUN things to do with math! Understand: Math helps us UNDERSTAND the world around us! Necessary: Math is NECESSARY in so many areas of life!

Some of the concepts in the Goofy Kooky Math Show school assembly:

  • perimeter
  • volume
  • area
  • mental math
  • probability & possibility
  • numerators & denominators
  • symmetry
  • magic squares

  • topological puzzles
  • basic geometry (angles, shapes & patterns)
  • understanding odd and even numbers
  • sorting
  • mathematical logic and reasoning
  • Games of chance vs games of skill
  • Math in everyday life (sports, food, medicine, etc)
  • Math for careers

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The important thing to remember is that this assembly is NOT a dry, boring lecture…and it’s not “just for fun” either. This assembly introduces students to fascinating math concepts, reinforces terms your students hear in class, and demonstrates just how important and fun math is! Your students will participate in fun, goofy math activities, puzzles, and magic tricks with fun, silly activities!

Just Some Of The Goofy Kooky Math Show Activities:

  • Twisty Topology
  • Probability Pandemonium
  • Pizza Percentages

  • Peculiar Perimeter
  • Silly Subtraction
  • Danger Division

Bring the “Goofy Kooky Math Show” to YOUR school and get YOUR students excited about math and help kids remember…Math is F.U.N.!

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Math Assembly Testimonials-02

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the entertaining programs you presented for our Kindergarten to grade four students at PS 199Q. The shows were very entertaining as evidenced by the student laughter and the smiles on students’ faces. In addition, your programs highlighted the values we teach students at PS 199Q…On behalf of our school community, I thank you for the exceptional performances.”

Anthony Inzerillo, Principal PS 199Q New York, NY

Math Assembly Testimonials-06

“It was such a pleasure working with Cris Johnson and we appreciated his flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs both financially and developmentally. Our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the show, It was entertaining, interactive, and informative. The messaging was clear and easy to understand for our early elementary students. I highly recommend this program!”

Susan Merola PS 112 New York, NY

Math Assembly Testimonials-03 “We loved your assembly today! Both the students and the teachers were talking about it all day. The students were amazed by the magic tricks and the teachers loved the educational tie ins! You differentiated your presentation to effectively engage both primary and intermediate students! We can’t wait to have you back!”

Mary Biemer, Reading Specialist Chase Elementary School Baltimore, MD

Math Assembly Testimonials-01 “We would like to thank you for visiting Archer Street School. We were engaged because of the creative ways you conveyed your messages to us. Your messages and the way you used magic was exciting!”

Mrs. Fisher and Her Fourth Grade Class Archer Street School Freeport, NY

Math Assembly Testimonials-04

“I just wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful performances…Your manner/length of presentation was captivating for both students and staff. The audience participation was great and having the classes exit the all-purpose room in such a quiet manner was a gift to the teachers! Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future!”

Kim White Tabernacle Elementary School Tabernacle, NJ