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Ecology & Conservation Assembly

Pollution Solution

The Ultimate “Earth Day” & Ecology
And Conservation Assembly Program

conservation assemblyNature – animals, water, trees, land, fish – it’s all valuable. It’s a shame that people have spent so much time and energy mucking it up. Our children are the ones who are going to have to correct the mistakes of generations past. It’s kind of a big deal!

This school assembly program is perfect for Earth Day celebrations or really, ANY time of the year when you want to encourage kids to take a more proactive approach to taking care of the environment.
My “Pollution Solution” school assembly program tackles this subject with magic, age-appropriate comedy, join-in fun, and so much more. When I designed this school show, I made a promise to myself: NO statistics! Kids just don’t care. They can’t relate to the abstract nature of numbers. To really, REALLY make them care, I realized I needed to engage them emotionally, and I’m proud to say that “Pollution Solution” does that dramatically!

Your kids will see a balloon filled with playing cards serve as a zany illustration for air pollution. A nutty homework assignment educates kids on the value of making an effort today to see the results of conservation years later. Your students will learn how to make a “tree” from an old newspaper. 3 kids use 4 colorful trashcans to play ‘Trashcan Trivia” and win a chance to see a live animal magically appear! Oh, and the best part? A volunteer from the audience gets to choose WHICH live animal appears! There’s a LOT more, too!

Pollution 1In the “Pollution Solution” ecology show students learn that it took a long time for the environment to reach it’s current stage of pollution levels and it’s going to take a long time to make the earth healthy again.  Magical things like making pollution disappear don’t happen overnight. Anything worthwhile takes time. Elementary school age students learn how they can help save the earth by taking baby steps every day. “Pollution Solution” is the environment and recycling assembly show that’s packed with great lessons and super fun:

The Ecology And Conservation Assembly Program “Pollution Solution” includes these key learning points:

conservation assembly

  1. Conservation and why it matters
  2. What kids can do starting TODAY to protect the earth while at home and in school
  3. How people, animals, and EVERY living thing benefits from a cleaner environment
  4. The causes of air, land, and water pollution
  5. Identifying trash vs. recyclables
  6. How to use the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)!
  7. Salt water vs. Fresh water
  8. Tiny changes to implement now

Call (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell number) or fill out the Contact Form above to get “Pollution Solution” information sent you immediately!

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“Dear Cris, thank you so much for your efforts, for sharing your talents… We received a lot of positive responses in regards to your performance. It was a pleasure to have you at GCS!”

Linda Hathaway, GCS Wellness Committee
Geneseo School District
Geneseo, NY

“Dear Cris, I am writing to commend you on the outstanding performance that you gave the students and staff at Dodge Elementary School. Many thanks for all of your hard work and for the wonderful show.”

Denise Delgard & Laurie Colucci, Wellness Co-Facilitators
Dodge Elementary
Amherst, NY

“Amazing! He held over 400 children mesmerized for over an hour and had them learning about the environment and they loved it. We would love to book his wacky science show. Everyone agreed his magic tricks were from out of this world. Thank you!”

Joseph Alig, Teacher/PTA Events
Ann G. McGuinness Elementary School
Endicott, NY

“It was one of the finest assembly programs our school has ever presented. The teachers commented that the students’ attention was remarkable for the age group. Not only were the students attentive, their feedback proved that they had gained knowledge and retained the important information that Cris was hoping for. We thank Mr. Johnson for helping our students learn important life lessons through magic and hope to have him back again in the near future. It was money well spent.”

Regina Granchelli, Vice Principal
DeSales Catholic School
Lockport, NY


“Thank you for the very fun and motivating assembly you did for our students at Chatfield School in Seymour, CT. They loved it! Teachers will be able to use your messages as a springboard for our conversation at our daily morning meetings. We hope you can come back to our school again. Thank you very much!”

Jamie Giordano, Principal
Chatfield School
Seymour, CT

“I would highly recommend Cris Johnson to anyone looking for a fun assembly with a message. Cris was extremely professional from our very first contact over the phone. He was always very prompt and helpful answering any questions we had about his program. He did a great job relating to the kids on their level and kept them all mesmerized and laughing throughout the show. The kids had a blast helping out with the tricks and the way that Cris integrated his messages into the show was awesome! I feel the kids all walked away with great lessons and had a fantastic time in the process.”

Megan Popowski, PPE Secretary
Koch Elementary School
Milibank, SD