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Drug Free

An Effective Drug Awareness
School Assembly Program

We want our kids to be safe – that’s obviously a universal truth. It still baffles me to no end that there are crass, uncaring people out there preying on little children in order to hook them with illegal drugs. That’s something schools have been trying to educate kids about for years and years.

Even more confusing is the fact that in recent years, it seems as though abuse of ‘legal’ drugs has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Then there is the warping and changing of safe store-bought products into something addictive and life-threatening.

My “Drug Free, That’s Me” school assembly program has been constantly evolving over the years to meet modern-day challenges. While it’s very important for children to understand the harmful effects of drug abuse, it’s equally important for them to know what to do if someone tries to get them to use drugs. The “Drug Free, That’s Me!” school assembly program includes both powerful messages and a reminder of the importance of making healthy choices.

Why are these messages so important? Simple: we as adults can tell our children to ‘just say no,’ but less emphasis is put on what to do if it happens to them! Your students need to know what to do if they encounter drugs. This school assembly program gives your students a simple road map of what to do if they encounter drugs, whether illegal or even “store bought” items that can still cause tremendous harm! Your students will know WHAT to say, WHO to tell, and HOW to do it. This is a tremendous distinction of this program over other so-call educational school assembly programs!

Additionally, I also use role-playing with the younger grades in order to show them the importance of being aware of “Stranger Danger” and how strangers may attempt to fool young children.

Now here’s the deal – it’s not easy tackling heavy-duty problems like this in an assembly program. In fact, the subject is SO heavy, that many of the big names in the assembly market don’t even offer such a program anymore. Personally, I feel that’s a shame. Because I’ve been offering the program for over 20 years, I’m an expert at not only making sure the topics and lessons stay modern but I also take pains to ensure that the material is delivered with a light touch, using magic, music, and audience interaction to keep everyone rivetted. I never treat the subject flippantly but I also am not too heavy-handed. It’s a balancing act your school’s counselors will REALLY appreciate!

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Drug Free pic, drug awareness assemblyThe Drug Awareness School Assembly Program “Drug Free, That’s Me”:

Key Learning Points:

  1. The difference between “good drugs” and “bad drugs”
  2. How drugs alter your perceptions…and why this is so bad!
  3. Just because something comes from the grocery store doesn’t mean it’s good for you!
  4. How drug pushers will lie about the effects of drugs
  5. Why you shouldn’t try drugs even one time
  6. The importance of NO, GO, YELL, TELL!

Call (716) 940-8963 (that’s my cell phone) or fill out the Contact Form above to receive “Drug Free, That’s Me” information immediately. You just might save someone’s life.

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Dear School Counselor, Cris Johnson, School Assembly

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drug awareness assembly

“Excellent! Cris was very easy to work with and the kids were very involved!”

Cathy Joynt, Principal
Oak Orchard Elementary School
Medina, New York

drug awareness assembly

”Hi Cris! Thank you SO much for today! Both shows were GREAT! Teachers were coming up to me after the show to tell me how good it was and how much they loved it! I even heard that it was the best that they had ever seen!!! I know that it is definitely my favorite!!! I know that our kids here at Hillside LOVED it!!! Have a safe trip home and we will chat soon!!! Thank you so much again… we had lots of fun!”

Lisa Bowe, School Counselor
Hillside Elementary School
Livingston, NJ


”The ‘Drug Free’ and ‘Stay In School’ messages were incorporated in a very entertaining 40-minute [Drug Awareness] assembly. I do not hesitate to recommend ‘Cris Johnson’s Amazing School Assemblies’ to any school group.”

Paul J. Ludwig, Interim Elementary Principal
North Collins Central School
North Collins, NY


”Your program holds kids’ attention, gets the message across, is fast-paced, and lots of fun! Excellent!”

Barbara Partell, Principal
Dorothy B. Bunce Elementary School
Pavillion, NY

Testimonial Outstanding Message

”Wonderful show for grades K-5! It captured the children’s attention and clearly got the message across. I highly recommend this program to other schools. Outstanding message!”

Dr. Jim Tette, Principal
St. Michael*s School
Penn Yan, NY



“That was just EXCELLENT! They loved it! Cris is very energetic and funny. The kids and the teachers were very impressed. We want to book Cris for next year already! One of our sixth grade teachers said it was the BEST assembly presented at this school! Outstanding message!”

Amy Mckenty, School Librarian
St. John of Rochester School
Fairport, NY