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A Cat and A Hat Assembly

dr seuss themed assembly, cris johnson, a cat and a hat

A Fun Seussical School Assembly Program!

This fun-filled, Dr Seuss themed assembly program is a magical, Seussical spectacular! It has Seuss-themed magic tricks designed to bring Seuss stories to life while also focusing on the critical life lessons these classical stories highlight.

Since these lessons are based on concepts such as honesty, keeping your promises and admitting your mistakes, this school assembly program can serve as a wonderful character education kick-off, or, since it focuses on classic literature, it can also serve as a unique reading appreciation assembly!

The Works of Dr. Seuss Come To Life In A Magical Elementary Assembly!

dr seuss themed assembly, cris johnson, a cat and a hatCris uses the acronym R.E.A.D. in fun, wacky ways to communicate the value of reading! Students will help bring classic Seuss characters and stories to life in amazing ways! Cris shows a wacky Seussical invention to get rid of messy sticky Oobleck, and helps  Horton the Elephant disappear and then hatch an egg! Students watch in amazement as a magical Sneetches Star-On Star-Off routine goes haywire. As always, the routines will be light and fun, with a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation.
Because of his vast experience presenting school assemblies all across North America, Cris brings solid educational objectives into his program. Students will hear him discuss concepts of vocabulary building, spelling, fiction identification, reading genres, and plot and character analysis. Mostly, they will so truly enjoy being whisked into a magical Seussical world, that they are bound to run to the library eager to devour more Seuss books.

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The Elementary School Assembly Program “A Cat And A Hat

Key Learning Points:

  1. The importance of keeping your promises
  2. Why it’s good to admit your mistakes
  3. You ARE an important person just the way you are!
  4. It’s who you are on the INSIDE that matters most!
  5. Why it’s important to have a good attitude
  6. The importance of the acronym R.E.A.D.!

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“Thank you SO much for today! Both shows were GREAT! Teachers were coming up to me after the show to tell me how good it was and how much they loved it! I even heard that it was the best that they had ever seen! I know that it is definitely my favorite! I know that out kids here at Hillside LOVED it!”

Lisa Bowe, School Counselor
Hillside Elementary School
Livingston, NJ

See what a group of 3rd-5th graders think about “A Cat And A Hat”!


“Cris Johnson presented a wonderful Dr. Seuss-themed magic show for our 425 Pre K-kindergarten and 1st grade students at Jackson Primary School. Not only were the all of the students laughing , mesmerized, and completely engaged but Cris’s overall presentation included great messages for our children reflecting from the life lessons that are touched upon in many of  Dr. Seuss’s books. The students were saying, ‘I loved that guy!’ His ability to intertwine these important concepts  while emphasizing reading in a humorous and a magical fashion made for an incredible assembly to help kick off our PARP reading program this year.”

– Diane Bonarigo, Principal
Jackson Primary School
Batavia, New York



“Cris was fabulous! He had the students glued to him the entire time and even had the adults laughing. The students completely understood the important message and went home telling their parents…”

Alexandra Wahlert, Teacher
Andrew Muller Primary School
Miller Place, NY



“WOW! You did a great job engaging the students with the magic tricks which were related to the Dr. Seuss theme. The crowd interaction and participation was also very well done.  Thank you for accommodating our three sessions!  It really helped the kids stay focused!

The kids loved the last act where you stare at the spinning wheel and the person’s head expands/shrinks, pulling out the huge wand, when the table floated, when the eyes moved on the Cat in the Hat drawing on the whiteboard, and in particular all of the magic wands you had. They thought it was so funny to see so many!

Here are a few comments from our teachers: ‘I loved the way he had the students leave quietly,’ ‘Loved it! So kid-friendly! Students were so engaged and excellent listeners! So many references to so many Dr. Seuss books! The students kept talking about it, when we got back to the classroom! They loved it.’”

Susan Myers, PTO
MaryvalePrimary School
Cheektowaga, NY