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This Modern, 21st-Century Anti-Bullying School Assembly Teaches Students How To Be A H.E.R.O.!

anti-bullying school assemblySchool assembly programs on the subject of bully prevention and cyber-bullying in the 21st century are critical to helping victimized children realize that there IS hope and that they do not have to suffer.

Cris Johnson offers an amazing school assembly bully prevention program that tackles the issue of bullying head on by encouraging students to treat each other with respect, as well as exploring the idea of diversity and the fact that we are all different…and why that’s a GOOD thing.

Most importantly, Cris gives students an easy-to-remember H.E.R.O. action plan on what to do if they witness (or are the victim of) bullying behavior.

Because ‘bullying’ is so misunderstood, Cris also clarifies 5 different forms of bullying and also spotlights cyber-bullying and the fact that once something is online, it stays there forever, so use the internet cautiously!

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This Bullying Prevention Program Stresses That We All Need To Work Together!

Additionally, this bullying assembly program stresses the fact that we all need to look out for each other…in other words, if you see someone being bullied, get involved! Get help for the person being bullied! In other words, one of the keystones of this presentation is the fact that bystanders need to get involved and get help for fellow students being victimized.

Key Learning Points:

  1. Five different bullying behaviors are identified and discussed
  1. How to identify bullies
  1. How working together lessons bullying
  1. Don’t just be a bystander…how you can use the acronym H.E.R.O. and help others!
  1. If you need it, ask for help from a trusted adult!
  1. There is a heavy emphasis on the word RESPECT and DIVERSITY.

anti-bullying school assembly

anti-bullying school assembly

anti-bullying school assembly

An Additional Faculty Program Option To
Help Your School Deal With Bullying

Because Cris Johnson is so passionate about the topic of bullying, he has also created a special faculty program on the topic of bullying. This research-based program is geared specifically for your school’s faculty. This faculty presentation runs from 30-45 minutes (your choice) and includes the following key points:

– Warning signs and consequences of bullying
– The bullying differences in sexes
– What can kids do?

– What can adults do?
– 10 ways of handling bullying in schools

This program can be booked on its own or is available at a discounted rate if booked on the same day as your school’s bullying school assembly programs with Cris Johnson. Read Important Information About Cris Johnson’s School Assembly Programs.



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Testimonials2-18“I have NEVER gotten feedback like this on an assembly! Cris was the PERFECT choice- directly tied into all we do here. We all really enjoyed his show and the kids loved him too! Thanks so much!!!”

Jennifer Norman, Principal
Goldwood Primary School
Rocky River, OH


“Cris was very accommodating. He incorporated our themes into his show. His management was very good as we had a large crowd (over 450). Excellent!”

David Lovering, Principal
South Davis Elementary
Orchard Park, NY


“This was a fast-paced, lively production perfect for the elementary audiences. Cris went out of his way to involve all of the audience. His message was clear and he modeled good character through his use of humor and politeness. Outstanding!”

Scott Wright, Principal
Kendal Elementary School
Kendall, NY


“Outstanding! Excellent messages about working together, including everyone, that we’re all different. Excellent!”

Ms. Oliverio, Teacher
Cuba Elementary
Cuba, NY



“Cris worked well with all the children and developed a good rapport with the audience and held their attention: preschoolers through 5th grade. Pacing and review of content was very valuable. Excellent!”

Ann Marie Deutsch, Principal
St. Mary’s School
Canandaigua, New York


“Outstanding! Cris is really great with the kids and is very easy to work with. The students enjoyed the presentation, and the messages of respect and how to handle bullies was easy for kids to understand. Cris did a great job!”

Carm Proctor, Principal
Jefferson Middle School
Jamestown, New York