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Celebrating Halloween with the Whole Family

October is here! It is officially time to pull out those Halloween decorations and start preparing! This holiday is a ...
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Fall-Themed Activities for Schools

With the new school year starting it is the perfect time to think about fall activities! From the changing of ...
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Teaching Magic

With the popularity of "Harry Potter," it is no surprise that children are interested in magic. But did you know ...
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What is “Character”?

What is “Character”?   Our character is more than our reputation. Our reputation is how others see us while character ...
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Why Should My Child Read During the Summer?

It's summer! Children are running out of their schools excited for a summer of adventure free from the daily obligation ...
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The Importance of Teaching Science to Children

Science is just as important as learning other subjects like mathematics and history. The increased push towards a STEM education ...
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Making Math Fun

"Math is hard." This phrase is said by most parents to their children as they relive their own experiences struggling ...
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Make History Exciting Again!

Make History Exciting Again! Cris Johnson knows that for many kids, history is something they think is boring. However, teaching children ...
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Why Should You Teach Kids About Pollution?

Why Should We Teach Children About Pollution? A big topic for schools to cover today is pollution. Because our health ...
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Why Bring Cris Johnson to Your Fair or Festival?

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Bring Cris Johnson’s Amazing Programs To Your Fair or Festival All-Inclusive Fees with NO Hidden “extras” You will have ...
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Does your Child Dislike Reading?

Does your Child Dislike Reading? Would your child rather do anything but sit down and read? It's difficult to know how to ...
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S.O.S.: Save Our Students

These days, it literally seems as though there is an app for just about everything. Thanks to Myisha Lavonne, who ...
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